RimRoads hotfix

MOD Desc
This is a patch for RimRoads by Jecrell. This is a replacement that does not require that mod, and that mod should not be loaded. This mod does require JecsTools.

This version is for 1.1 of RimWorld. For older versions, go to Nexus[www.nexusmods.com].

-Day 125 in the DrugFam Inc drugproduction business
-Ah, the two psychopathic drug lords, mom and daughter, have finally set up a stable operating base with 4 other employees
-Neurotamine and psychite leaves in bunches
-Summer time, which means nice weather and A LOT of drug production
-Soon gonna get that $$$
-Mr. Cook, who is also the actual food cook of the colony, is cooking up drugs like there’s no tomorrow
-Go Juice for days!
-Out from what’s usually the prison cell comes ‘The Weakling’
-Poor ‘The Weakling’, the others force her to stuff herself with Go Juice in order to work faster
-Squeezing every little workdrop out of her
-They treat ‘The Weakling’ like , she gets the worst sleeping areas, always high on something, nutrient paste meals only
-But hey, who cares as long as DrugFam Inc get’s rich
-The Weakling is expendable
-Oh hey what’s this, a random drop pod with a person in it
-It’s another psychopath!
-We will now have 4/7 psychopaths, perfect for the harsh drug life
-Rescue said psychopath
-He be chilling in the hospital when…
-In moments, his skin starts bubbling, his hands and arms malforming into his own body
-He’s turning into…
-‘… some kind of abomination!’ EW! And it’s biting!
-GTFO of the hospital! NOW!

-For day’s the hospital contains this mutated abomination, as it’s smearing the floor and walls with some kind of bloody liquid
-Make up a plan
-Build a corridor to bait the creature out into
-2 people with grenades, one with a survival rifle, and Ms. Drug Lord herself with the automatic rifle
-The Weakling is ready to deconstruct the wall into the abominations chambre
-‘Deconstruct the wall, Weakling!’
-‘Keep your grenades ready!’
-The wall falls down and out emerges the hideous creature
-‘Throw the grenades!’
-Both the grenadethrowers throw their grenades as soon as they get the command
-But the abomination is faster than they thought
-Both the grenades blow up inside the hospital, while the mutated skin pulp is already in their face
-It screeches out as it finally gets to feed on the scrawny pawns that imprisoned it
-The fight goes on, but the abomination just seem to eat bullets as it just regenerates almost insantaniously where the bullets hit it
-There’s now a big fire because of the grenades
-In few moments 1 colonists is already down
-The creature, with extacy in its eyes is feasting on Old Man Pablo, our researcher
-What’s happening to Old Man Pablo?
-‘H.. He’s turning into one of those… Abominations!’ screams Ms. Drug Lord
-‘Retreat into the living quarters!’
-Before you know it, the abomination and his friend Abomination Pablo is heading for the corpseyard
-There’s at least 20+ corpses there
-Remember the fire? Well, it’s now spreading towards their hideout, and it’s big
-There’s only one option here…
-The remaining 5 colonists, minus ‘The Weakling (incapable of violence)’, all rush out to make their last stand agains the abominations
-It’s futile, they all die
-And they all turn into abominations
-There’s now 6 abominations running towards the corpseyard
-There will be about 20 abominations in a matter of minutes
-Poor ‘The Weakling’ is just hiding in the prison where it’s ‘safe’
-She gets an idea
-All the abominations are pretty busy to the west by the corpseyard
-If only she can run to the drug lab and grab all the drugs and run off, she can start a new life for herself with the money she will make
-She’s going for it, slowly because of the hangover from all the drugs
-But the abominations can smell her from miles away
-20 abominations are now all on the way to the drug lab as well
-She get’s to the drug lab and immediatly injects some Go Juice in order to attempt outrun the abominations

-But this is Rimworld, there’s never a happy ending

-One of the abominations catches her and starts eating at her face
-Soon there’s 3 of them around her
-She can see the distorted faces of her former abusers now filled with more joy than she’s every experienced with drugs
-Old Man Pablo, and he used to be the only one who was nice to her, now enjoying a Weakling feast
-Ms. Drug Lord, scarier than ever
-Mr. Cook, eating at her intestines
-And before she knows it, she can feel her skin bubbling, her arms and legs contracting into her now malformed body
-‘Screeeech!’ she screams
-Hungry for human flesh

You know, just another day in Rimworld

This game is no doubt 10/10

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