Caravan Dogs+

MOD Desc
Makes all canines able to be used as pack animals for caravans. Now with cats!

Finally updated for 0.17, all code has been rewritten from scratch for increased compatibility! Additionally, the mod has expanded to include every canine in the game, including foxes, Yorkshires, and yes, all cats are now included!

Carry capacity of all animals are based on their body size, which has not been altered, so the capacities of all animals are as follows:

Labrador……35 kg
Husky………..35 kg
Yorkshire…..10.5 kg
Wolves……..29.8 kg
Foxes………19.3 kg
Warg………..35 kg
Cat…………..8.93 kg
Lynx………..28 kg
Cougar…….49 kg
Panther……49 kg

Caravan Dogs+ should be fully save game compatible, and compatible with most mods.

this game is fantastic i have over 1200 hours and still going strong one of if not thee best games in its genre and the modding community is amazing as well this game stands brilliant without mods but the longevity and replayability is near endless with mods and if thats not enough no single gameplay is the same i honestly think this is one of those games that just gets better and better and the dev(single man) is very active i watch cohhcarnage on twitch alot and he is always on his chat for me this was the best money ive EVER spent and i carnt wait to play more any dlc for this game if it was to come out would 1000% be worth the money and in all the game play is easy to pick up the music is immersive the easy of the controls even the panels to locate what u need its all simple, from the mods the ease to master this game the unlimited play styles the game char even the raiders and attacks and random events you will not be dissapoinited at this buy i can and will say this is the best game ive ever played

just to add this game now beling relase this is a game that should be in everyones steam libary deffintly worth the full asking rpice no matter what i love this game and carnt seem to put it down 🙂

Made a colony in sea ice, starting with one guy.
Become a drug overlord by spending 10 years selling drugs to space junkies.
Watch colony grow into a impenetrable fortress in the ice.
Domesticate a few grizzly bears to help protect colony.
Decide it is time to get out of planet.
Build space ship.
Start engines.
Defend against every raid and siege without any problems.
Last siege comes.
They drop inside my colony’s drug plantation…
One of the colonists gets crushed by a falling pod…
Raiders… Lots of Raiders setting fire to my psychoid plants…
Kill raiders, but fire is out of control…
Temps reach 1000 degrees Celcius…
Watch colonists and animals die due to extreme heat…
Watch entire colony get destroyed by the fire…
Two survivors, none can walk… Also, ship is ready for launch…
Repent for sin of becoming a drug overlord..
Pray to Tynan and Lord Gaben asking for forgiveness and a miracle…
They send me a man in black!
Carry the two survivors to their cryptosleep caskets and put the man in black inside another.
Set off into the sea of stars…

11/10 will try an illegal organ harvesting business next!

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