Corpse processing technology

MOD Desc
Do you want to keep any animal permanently in your colony? Try corpse processing technology.

A workbench has been added to make wax figures of animal carcasses

Once I had one of my colonist go mine some steel on the edge of the map.
It was a cold winter and ther was fewer and fewer game to hunt for predators and colonists alike. And tht’s when a very hungry bear spoted my colonist and started to beat her to death.
Her husband picked a gun and started running toward the ongoing fight. He started shooting the bear, some bullet missed and the bear continued beating his wife. At one point a lucky bullet got straight into the head killing the bear instantly, but it was already to late the had punch her in the head so hard that the head flew of her shoulders. The newly made widow proceeded to carry his wife remains and burry them near the colony. He was the only one to attend the funeral since no one realy liked her in the colony
That’s when in the distance he spoted the colony’s cook. She was a 50 years old psychopath who wasn’t able to speak since she took an arrow in her brain durring a tribal raid. And he thought : ‘Hey I should bang her !’
And just as he left his ex-wife funeral he started a long a loving relationship with his new wife

10/10 Amazing game

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