[JDS] Simple Resource Crate

MOD Desc

This mod adds resource crate which you can make with 250 of any base-game resource
plus 10 wood logs on the new work bench called ‘Packing Table’. It will craft you 1
resource crate also the price is 35% off per-crate which mean lower your total wealth. If
you take the crate back to the ‘Packing Table’ it will give back the 250 resource minus the
10 logs. It can also be haulable and Stackable up to 75.

Features: -Resource Crate for

  • Woodlogs
  • Steel
  • Plasteel
  • Gold
  • Jade
  • Unranium
  • Chemfuel
  • Componet
  • Advanced Component
  • Cloth
  • Synthread
  • Devilstrand
  • Hyerweave
  • Plainleather
  • Human Leather
  • HeavyFur

-New Work Bench ‘Packing Table’
-New Recipe for unpacking Crate
-35% off on the Price of each resource crate
-Mass 1.00 for all resource crate

Recommend Mod: Graphics Settings – Fix your textures!

Question: would you consider changing the recipe from having the wood as part of it to making the table fueled? I’m using Everybody Gets One to automate crating of if I have a surplus of the material in question, but this requires that there only be a single resource going into the order.I have a local copy running with a fueled table and a fuel rate of 290.0 gets pretty close to 10 wood per pack/unpack cycle if you want to give it a spin, I’m fine tuning it right now to get it as close as possible.

Hate to add to the litany of changes required for the recent update, but the comment also applies to the packing of gold crates (so it costs 2500 gold rather than just 250 gold). This probably has to do with the fact recipes in-game typically use up 10x as much silver and gold to construct (e.g. steel wall requires 5 steel, silver/gold wall requires 50 silver/gold respectively). I appreciate the work you’ve done that allows me to keep my base and storage rooms nice and tidy

Mod author. I thank you for the error of the silver crate bill. The bill says that it requires 10 wood and 2000 silver. But when the bill is added, the new requirement was 20000 sliver instead, making us lose 18000 silver when unpacking them. Sarcasm included in this message. Other than that, most of the other bills seem to work fine. Keep up the great work and looking foward to the stone blocks crates. Marble artworks, here I come!

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