Pawn Badge – US Army Officer Ranks

MOD Desc
Pawn Badge – US Army Officer Ranks This mod adds US Army Officer Ranks to Saucy_Pigeon’s updated Pawn Badge mod. This mod was originally created by erecinto but I have updated it to the latest version.

Disclaimer: I have not tested this on 1.2 but as far as I know it should work.

US Army Enlisted Ranks –

This is the story of how ‘M’ murdered ‘Engie.’

-M joined the colony early on.
-M and Engie started a friendship, as they worked tirelessly getting the colony up and running.
-However, all good things come to an end.

-Raiders, jealous of my town of ‘Freedonia,’ initiated a raid against us. It was not uncommon, but, in a sick twist of fate, M’s brother was one of the raiders. Engie had no choice but to gun down M’s brother as he charged her with a club.

This broke something inside of M.

For weeks later M would have nervous and mental breakdowns. The colony always nursed him back to health, and with the introduction of beer, we thought all would be well.

But M always held a grudge against Engie.

The emergency sirens go off. Another attack is underway. A mad elephant has grown a taste for human blood. Engie and M go to defend the colony at the sandbags. Engie takes aim, and fires the killing blow against the rabid elephant. M took aim as well….but he was not targeting the elephant. In a single shot that resounded from my speakers, M shot Engie once in the back of the head. I looked on in horror as Engie, my best colonist and leader, lie dead next to the elephant.

I knew M did it on purpose, but I couldn’t prove it to the other colonists as they hid inside the base during the attack. Fortunately, a new colonist named Timo joined up and I knew what must be done. I told M to go hunting for food, but little did he know that he was hunting a Warg. I made sure he didn’t take his gun, as he thought he was going to hunt rabbits. The warg vicisiouly attacked M, but did not kill him. As he lay unconscious, Nemo, our doctor, wanted to rush to the rescue. I told her ‘no. Timo will go get him.’ I gave Timo Engie’s old pulse rifle, and sent him to ‘take care of M.’

As M lay dying with hands outstretched for help from our new colonist, Timo raised his rifle. ‘For Engie.’ Those were the last words heard by M before the sound of a discharging pulse rifle resounded through the air.

***10/10. If only TV writers would play this game, we would have no end to outstanding drama on television!***

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