Food Alert (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Mehnis mod


Non-steam version:

– Added a setting for selecting the lowest preferability of food to be counted
Examples for each category shows in the config-dialog
– Russian translation fixed by Morbo

— Original Description —
Shows a persistent readout with the amount of food you currently have in storage, and an estimate of how long stocks will last. Prevent sudden starvation by knowing how your food supplies are doing.

v0.1.1.1 Russian language added, thanks to Alex.
v0.1.1.0 RimWorld 1.0 compatible
v0.1.0.1 Now has a way nicer readout with all the sexy things I wanted to add.

Thanks to Brrainz – for Harmony and a lot of the code for that readout πŸ™‚

Russian: Alex_1203

Literally about as close as you can get to an acessable Dwarf Fortress. If that doesn’t get your attention then let me expand upon that statement: this is a game of survival. With the new scenario system you have many options to set the starting parameters but what this game is really about is surviving in a colony that you have made from scratch. You will manage your colonists to gather materials, construct structures and furniture, defend your base, farm and hunt food and research. How will you do this? You often will not; you will fail and it will be fun. But when you do and manage to not only survive but thrive the sense of accomplishment is strong. Check out videos if you are still wondering if this is for you but this is one of my favourite games and it isn’t even finished.

Now in beta with more biomes, more interactions and more things. Plus, hugely moddable.

Started with a Neolithic Tribe.
Built farms.
Built extensive cave system in mountain.
Built up a sufficient food supply.
Built production tables.
Built warehouse to make the production chain more efficient.
Heatwave starts
Keep tribe from going outside in the day time.
Tribe members get heatstroke.
All but one tribe-member are bed ridden.
The last tribe-member makes cowboy hats and saves the tribe.
Heatwave goes away.
A pack of 12 Alphabeavers show up to eat all trees.
All hunters start to hunt Alphabeavers.
Alphabeavers organize and zerg rush tribe.
One tribe-member remains while two Alphabeavers start to break down tribe member’s door.
Last tribe-member ends up being a pacifist.
Alphabeavers slaughter the pacifist shaman.

Would get heatsroke and watch Alpha-Beavers kill Budhist Monk again. 10/10

I once had a pair of Elephants join my colony by themselves and trained them to trample my enemies.

Another time I tried to create King Minos’ Labrynth to confuse and trap incoming raids, it sort of worked.

Another time I saved one of my colonists using the highly addictive and inevitably deadly space drug ‘Luciferium’ and spent the rest of that play through bringing down hell upon the surrounding settlements as I scrambled to collect enough of it to stave off the withdrawal symptoms.

One time I had a colonist with a congenital heart defect. I was struggling to research the artificial organ technology I needed to save him, and unfortunately I ran out of time and had to kill a prisoner and take his heart to save my colonist’s life. The next quest I got had a bionic heart as its reward.

I guess I’m trying to say that the game is pretty good.

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