No Debris 1.0

MOD Desc
Finally the game is playable again!

Gets rids of Uncleanable Debris on stone floor.

This is an updated take on the original mod by Storm that replaced the textures with ugly boulder/rocks after you’ve smoothed the stone. Credit to Bar0th for updating this mod to prevent Rimworld from drawing the terrain scatter entirely, including on dirt, roads, rock, and terrain. Blood, dirt, rubble, etc. will still be drawn, but the terrain will look smoother.

I don’t have any words that can express how great this game is.
This game offers difficult challenges but offers them fairly enough so that even a casual player like me can beat them.
The game incorporates phycology into the survival mix, forcing you to care more for your colonists and to make more ethical choices (mostly).
The game also gives the player freedom, a lot, its a sandbox game; that means that you can beat challenges however you want, you can, for example, lock the enemies in a room, set it on fire and let them die from a heatstroke.
The game also has the best story I have ever heard, because you come up with the story, the storyteller AI makes sure to present you with interesting and memorable moments all the time without overwhelming you and causing you to fail.
This game also has a very in-depth health system, I mean, you can shoot out your index finger, why is that even a thing? I don’t know, but I love it!
That and many other things combined make this game a true masterpiece, I hope to see what this game brings in the future…

Also, don’t even get me started about mods, holy cow, like 1 sentence, my army of androids with laserguns massacre the catgirl tribe near my base.
If that didn’t sound cool, I don’t know what does.

Ps sorry for crappy grammar, I wrote this at 1:18AM

You wanna know how I got hooked on this game? Ill tell you how.
Me and my friend were had just got this game together and were in a competition to see who could build the best colony within a week. My friend was a benevolent guy, so he treated his prisoners well, gave his colonists ample bedroom space, made the best meal type, you know, the whole nine yards. His colony at the end of the week was stable, but it wasnt g r e a t.

My colony was completley different. I landed in the north so I moved my people under ground, and then got raided. They were running out of food, so I proplty harvested the organs of the raiders corpses and used their meat to feed my colonists. The colonists were getting pretty depressed so I started producing drugs and alchohol to keep their minds off things. I trusted no one who came near my mountain encampment so I attack all who came by, harvesting and selling all the organs, skin, and items that were dropped. I turned my moutain into a fortess, and all refugees that came for help were exammed for their stats, and then delt with accordingly if not up to the standard. With the sales of organs I was able to get better weapons and defenses. The standard of living also went up ten fold, and my colony was the wealthiest on the planet in no time.

Anyway, 10/10, great game. Really bring out your true nature.

Fun, well designed, large development time (over 5 years!), polished, tons of hours of content without boredom, etc. Enough said.
Seriously, this game is extremely good, it is literally the #1 top player-reviewed game for 2018 on steam from all categories, probably for a reason. It’s one of those games that you can lose yourself for hours and lose track of time. I barely started playing so I’ll probably edit the review later on when i can say more about the game, but so far the only real complaint I have is that it’s hard to learn for begginers and the tutorial is vague, but some people enjoy discovering game mechanics by themselves which is good. However, once you do learn the complex mechanics it really pays off and uncovers a really large game.
I can’t wait for a game that will be as huge, good and well designed as this and that will also have realistic graphics, but that will be a long, long wait.
Edit: I don’t wanna go in-depth but this game is simply damn amazing and you literally cannot get bored of it because its really really good, addicting and most importantly long-term enjoyable.

This game is ridiculously good, and the ammount of content and posibilities feel endless. The way your colony evolves and the stories you create are something that can’t be described, unless you actually play it. This game is easily a 10/10.

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