[1.0] Polyamory Beds (Vanilla Edition)

MOD Desc
More beds for your polyamorous pawns!

Mods that add polyamory to Rimworld:
I) Psychology
II) [RF] Rational Romance [1.0]

This mod is a spiritual successor of Polygamy Beds by Joseph with code being completely rewritten.

– Triple, quadra sleeping spots and bedrolls (avaliable from the start);
– Triple, quadra beds and royal beds (require ‘Complex Furniture’ to be researched, royal beds also require 8 skill in Construction – no more cheating for tribal start!);
– Penta royal bed (requires ‘Complex Furniture’ to be researched, 8 skill in Construction).
Stats are carefully balanced to be in line with Vanilla beds, graphics is updated.

Known issues – Some other mods may interfere with game’s miniaturisation mechanics thus making it possible to install/uninstall sleeping spots (and you may also get messages about ‘Outdoor penalty’ when placing sleeping spots outside).
Solution: move this mod higher up in the loading order.

Support Package https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1704764638
(provides compatibility support for More Furniture [1.0], Vanilla Furniture Expanded, [sd] medicaddons, GloomyFurniture, 2- UN-Furniture [1.0], Heating Cables, Soft Beds)

Support Package will automatically detect used mods and apply required patches.
Nano Repair Tech version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1543695467
RW1.1 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2008138191
B19 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1517352581

Please report any problems and/or inconsequences!

  • At the conversation below about the modular beds and such, sounds neat and all but might be easier to look into the mechanics themselves? I’ve been using these a lot with my polygamous avali colonies I’ve been running and found a nice concession when one of my colonists up and decides to take like 3 wives and 4 lovers lol. The avali race are done in a way where they’re happy sleeping in the same room as their lover and their lovin’ isn’t constrained to sharing beds. If they’re not assigned to the same bed, they will ‘visit’ their partner in their bed and do the lovin’ that way. Probably not what you’re thinking, but it might be another avenue for larger than 5-person setups I suppose?
  • Yes, I will definitely take a look at Real Beds. I am a bit late with posting patches because my main computer (with all the files) has broken and being in repair shop for 2 week now ;..;FlambeOh, haha! Sorry, I felt that there was something wrong with the name but didn’t pay attention to it. Glad to hear that you have added polyamory to Rational Romance! Waz Dangz The main issue with linkable beds is that it seems to require changes to the base code for game to recognize such thing. I can’t say that it is completely impossible but right now it is outside of my scope.
  • are welcome to make it compatible with hardcore-sk pack! I am rather casual about modding (it has been over half a year since I decided to work on the versions of this mod for Gloomy Furniture and Soft Warm Beds… but still didn’t get my lazy ass to finally finish them ). As long as you put a reference to my work, feel free to use/modify it as you like!One small wish of mine though – if you publish your work here in steam workshop then drop a link to me. I will make sure to make a reference to it in mod’s description and it will also help me to keep a track of what compatibilities are out there for my mod.
  • Might just be the fan on the Video card. Often they burn out or like a wire just disconnects and the card overheats. If it’s that should be an easy fix, if it’s a capacitor or an internal copper or silicon part might be a little more difficult. I remember I had one burn out on me cause enough dust had gotten into the GPU fan and prevented it from cooling down properly. Was able to just use the electronic compressed air dusters and reconnect the fan, fixed it right up and I’m still using the same card 7 years now ๐Ÿ™‚
  • sounds to be very similar to what RealBeds do In Vanilla Rimworld the bed making is rather simplified and so it will be in Vanilla Edition of Polyamory Beds.However to the good news! I got my computer fixed so I have updated patches for More Furniture and Medic Addons (changes are minor, if you used old patches then you should be fine with switching to new ones). In the coming weeks I plan to take a look at RealBeds and [1.0] Tank Beds (Fast Sleep) to create compatibility patches/seperated versions to use with those mods. Cheers!
  • I have thoroughly tested it today and everything worked: jealous pawn with triple bed was not satisfied when someone else had more impressive room, but was satisfied having the most impressive one. Probably mod conflict? These beds work exactly like vanilla ones.tile is enough for table, and modular tables utilize that simplicity. Basically it makes game to treat tables like a surface, uniting close ones together (similar to flooring).Bed requires two tiles and has an owner. I am not sure that merge would be possible but even then it would bring into existence rather weird constructions.

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