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PsiTech adds new, late game content in the form of powerful psychic abilities. Train your colonists in the use of psychic abilities and turn them into psions. Customize your colonists in new ways using psionics.

PsiTech includes a wide range of passive and active psychic abilities giving an array customization options for your colonists. These abilities range from simple psychic enhancements, granting a variety of bonuses, to active abilities capable of healing others, to the powerful Psi Storm, capable of driving masses of enemies insane. With 46 total abilities included, PsiTech gives many options for customizing your psions.

Beware though, researching psychic abilities might draw the attention of darker forces, powerful psionic cabals who turn their wrath to any who might threaten their psychic dominion.

Q: Do I need Royalty to play this mod?
A: No, Royalty is not required for PsiTech.

Q: Is this mod related to Royalty?
A: PsiTech has no relation to Royalty. It’s a completely custom implementation of psionics that’s independent of Royalty and quite different from a design standpoint.

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Generally yes. You will need Faction Discovery for the psionic faction to appear but everything else should work fine.

Q: Is there a non-Steam download?
A: Please see the Ludeon forums post[].

Q: Is there somewhere I can go to get help with PsiTech?
A: Try the K’s Mods Discord[].

Q: Is this mod compatible with CE?
A: Yes! CE includes patches for PsiTech in their main download.

Q: How do I start using psionics?
A: Please refer to the PsiTech Quick Guide[].

Q: How do I use the autocast system?
A: Please refer to the PsiTech Autocasting Guide[].

Q: Does PsiTech support my language?
A: The main download only supports English. Check below to see if there’s a translation sub-mod for your language.

Q: Can I disable raids by the psionic faction?
A: Yes, you can. There’s an option for this.

Q: The essence penalty is too high/low!
A: The essence penalty can be changed in the options menu.

Q: Why isn’t the Psi tab showing up for my alien race?
A: Some alien races don’t get the Psi tab by default. Try enabling ‘Patch All Races’ in the settings and restarting the game.

Q: There’s an autocast condition/target selector/option that I would like that isn’t implemented.
A: If there’s some customization that you find missing in the autocast system, please leave a comment and I’ll try to implement your request.

Chinese available via the PsiTech Chinese Sub-mod, courtesy of Zephyr.
Russian available via the PsiTech Russian Sub-mod, courtesy of lttlworld[].

If you’ve made a translation, please message me and I’ll add it to the list of supported languages.

Design and programming by K[]
Art by Emma Caraway[]
Sound effects by A Privacy Company

The source for PsiTech is available on GitHub[].

Pardeike for his wonderful Harmony library. PsiTech couldn’t exist without it.
Dubwise for his performance analyzer, which was used extensively in making PsiTech performant.
Canute for finding many bugs hidden in the various pre-releases of PsiTech.

  • It’s currently not multiplayer compatible. I’m waiting until the mod is relatively stable to attempt to make it multiplayer compatible.The option only disables raids. Adding without Faction Discovery is no issue though, as it just means the faction won’t be added.Th essence penalty can be changed in the options, including changing it all the way down to zero.It doesn’t really interact with Royalty psycasts at all.Man That’s understandable. I might try to put something together to add to the page. As for more actives, requests are always welcome but I think I hit all the major points.I believe that he spawned a commando with Mind Fortress and that’s why all his casts are failing, funnily enough.
  • Debug commands are accessible through activating the ‘!PsiTechDebug’ tweak value while dev mode is active.peng It has some elements inspired by XCOM, yes.It is not multiplayer compatible currently. It does work with Royalty but the two systems (psioncs and psycasts) will be totally independent of each other.Absolutely! My preferred method of distributing translations is through sub-mods as it allows asynchronous updates to the main mod and translations. Send me a friend request on steam and we can talk about it.There’s both energy and focus nodes, which gives a total of four nodes to be trained. This isn’t clear in the GUI right now and I’ll be changing it.Not certain about that but I’ll check it out.
  • Vlad The latter case I think. It’s obvious this mod is very high quality, you can tell from how it’s presented here, but in my humble opinion it lacks some kind of showcase of the most ‘cool’ abilities like the screenshot with psi waves around pawn. You know gifs and stuff of people getting owned by psi pawn or something. Cause weapon/defense/social bonuses are quite awesome of course, but it feels like I wouldn’t be sold on just the bonuses.All that said now that I’ve tried it I think this mod is not only awesome it’s probably the best I’ve seen with abilities and stuff. Psi tab, gear, upgrade system. Like a man once said ‘It just works’. Though I really hope to see more active abilities in the future.
  • I think I came off as pretty rude in that comment, so I apologise for that.I went into this mod with no idea what sort of psionics and abilities are available, and I’ve still got no clue beyond what I’ve already unlocked, which leads to me being frustrated when after probably 10K points of Spacer/Ultratech research later I don’t have much to show for it.What I’m looking for is the sort of abilities that will make that psion a major component of my attack/defence strategy during raids, instead of him just being another guy with a gun and some armor. Something that can deal with a lot of enemies quickly.Does this mod have anything like that?
  • Also: I haven’t been able to reproduce it (therefore no report), but at some point someone decided to put a dead bonded camel inside the psychic trainer. Again, can’t reproduce it, but what I could reproduce is that whenever a pawn tries to enter the pod on their own (unsuspending training queue) they would straight up disappear from the game. I looked through the save file and there’s not a trace of the pawn, besides old messages. And when viewing social/combat logs that tried to reference the missing pawn I’d get an error: null pawn. So far it has only happened once, and it might have something to do with other mods, but I’ll let you know if it happens again.

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