Share The Load

MOD Desc
Multiple people can deliver resources to a blueprint at the same time.

Share The Load tracks what is needed and doesn’t deliver too much.

Multiple people also clear things out of the way for construction as well.

Would you believe trees in the way of construction jobs didn’t get cut by designated wood cutters? Well, now they do.

Option to deliver even if there’s not enough to finish the building

There is a slight hiccup when a blueprint is turned into a frame – the shared jobs are dropped, but they seem to be picked back up again for the frame.

Supports Extended Storage.

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Github source :
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  • Hi thanks for continued support and sharing your mod, but I’m having the same issue as the most recent posters.Using 1.0, everything was fine until your latest update… but now all my pawns are literally stopping whatever they were doing and going into an endless-wander, even the injured are leaving Med beds. And I can’t even right-click/order them to take up the task again or return to bed…I posted my log-file on github, if that helps — I see references to some of my affected pawns getting their job queues ‘corrupted’ at Lines 496, 507, 523, etc — but I have no idea what causes that or how to fix it :PLike some others, reverting your mod back to the previous/legacy version for 1.0 fixes all this — ? Hope the log-file can help you 🙂
  • i think there is something up with this mod. it works if you have a single building with a lot of ingredients but otherwise it super slows down delivery to i.e. a lot of walls. the pawns haul less overall for some reason and try to haul like 20 bricks each to five walls. this causes large scale builds to be super slow. is this intended or a byproduct? i used share the load back in pre 1.0 and it worked flawlessly.
  • I think I am having the same problem as Aki-san. Pawns only carry like 5 bricks at a time to walls and it takes a million years to build anything lol. If you don’t have a massive stockpile already in the same place they only take like 20 at a time from the floor and stockpile zones. It’s a bit weird lol.Apart from that it’s a very good, especially with the androids mod. If I made more androids it may mitigate it a bit. Just hope it doesn’t get too laggy lol.
  • I don’t really see the confusionThe Vanilla game has only Construction pawns delivering resources to frames, and only one person can deliver at a time.Hand Me That Brick ‘Make Haulers deliver resources to blueprints and construction frames.’ So it’s not just Construction pawns assigned to deliver. (But still one at a time)This mod ‘Multiple people can deliver resources to a blueprint at the same time.’ So it’s not one at a time. (but doesn’t change who is assigned to deliver.)Combine both and Haulers+Construction pawns all deliver at the same time
  • Hey there, Uuugggg. I’m a writer for Start 2 Continue, a website that covers modding and game design topics along with applying game theory to life success. I recently made a list of awesome realism/survivalism RimWorld mods for people to try out and, for what it’s worth, just wanted to let you know we included your mod in our write-up. You can check it out here: LINK REMOVED, if you’re interested, we’re looking for mod developers to talk to and interview, simply in a bio kind of format, asking you how you started, what inspired you to make what you do, any goals or ambitions within the games industry — stuff like that. You can contact me for more details either through Steam or the site directly.But yeah, just wanted to let you know and tell you I think your work’s pretty awesome! Keep it up!
  • i ran into some issues which involved a harmony.log file being created on my desktop and with some research found out that one of 6 mods could be causing it.ive played a long time with the same mod loadout with the same colony and only these 6 mods have had an update between my last sessions. i dont know if my issues are being caused by your mod but i read somewhere that the harmony thing is used while modding and should be turned off when releasing an update.hope this helps and if not, that it will help one of the other modders on my list.

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