MOD Desc
Body parts that fail when the internet goes out!
An expansion for GlitterNet
Load after both HugsLib and GlitterNet!
Confused? Check out the GlitterNet Quick Guide[] (CyberNet guide at the bottom) or try the K’s Mods Discord[]

CyberNet adds even more GlitterNet connected devices in the form of new, networked prosthetics. These prosthetics use processing power from a GlitterNet to replace on-board processing, making them cheaper and more effective than vanilla prosthetics. Of course, this comes at the price of not only requiring remote processors to function, but also the new access point building, which allows for wireless communication with prosthetics. And if the internet goes out, these new body parts will function even worse than the normal fleshy type.

CyberNet comes with six categories of new prosthetics:

  • Networked prosthetics, which are bionic level. Equivalents for all vanilla parts are available.
  • Advanced networked prosthetics, which are archotech level. Upgrades for all bionic parts are available, including archotech level hearts, ears, stomachs, and spines.
  • Blood additives and replacements, which either enhance stats or have other effects like decreasing hunger rate or automatically healing bleeding wounds.
  • Skin replacements which have a variety of unique effects and heal scars.
  • Nervous system enhancements which give specialized bonuses.
  • Brain enhancements which have a variety of effects like improving combat efficiency or enhancing consciousness.

Can be added to saves. Should be compatible with most everything.

Art by Emma Caraway[]

Supported Languages
Simplified Chinese (courtesy of アストリア)

  • I’ll be honest: I think EPOE is extremely overpowered. I don’t mean that as an insult or anything, and I know many people enjoy it, but I made CyberNet as a replacement for EPOE in my own games. I don’t run with EPOE because the balance is so out of line with CyberNet (and the vanilla game). If you run with EPOE, you’ll find that advanced EPOE prosthetics are significantly better than CyberNet prosthetics in general.One thing of note though is that EPOE adds body part replacements beyond vanilla, which I do not. CyberNet only has arms, legs, eyes, ears, stomachs, hearts, and spines, while EPOE has a few body parts beyond that like the liver. Most of the things that the other EPOE parts do are covered in the more unique CyberNet implants, for example, the metabolic blood enhancement and SynthBlood which is based off of it both fill the place of the liver replacement.My recommendation is pick whichever one you like more and play with it, but don’t play with both.
  • It’s intended that CyberNet prosthetics disconnect when you leave the map. I intended this as a balancing feature since, to me, it’s a little bit OP to be able to take a fully kitted-out superhuman to raid bases and so on. The primary way you should deal with it is to either only install CyberNet prosthetics on pawns that don’t leave the base, or swap out their prosthetics with vanilla bionics before they leave. With medical integrators, a monkey with herbal medicine could perform the surgery, so I didn’t think that it was too burdensome. There is another alternative I can think of, but it’s pretty crazy so I’ll leave it to you to figure out :)As far as the data theft, I realized that would happen when I was making it, and there’s no way around that with the way that the system works. I thought I had disabled raiders spawning with them since it doesn’t make any sense, but I’ll take another look and see why that’s still happening.
  • I generally see the mod as feature complete, and don’t plan on adding any more content unless I have a really good idea. Additionally, I see CyberNet as an enhancement mod, and don’t plan on adding implants that decrease abilities (except in the case of having no network).Ultimately, it gets difficult to design interesting implants that are also balanced. I ran into pretty significant design problems adding the nervous system enhancements and skin replacements simply because I ran out of obvious effects for them to have.Beyond that, I think that CyberNet already gives significant choice in the modification of pawns and forces you to make impactful value judgments for implants with multiple options available. One of my primary design goals is generally to force the player to make such decisions because too many mods are just ‘get the best thing and use it’ instead of ‘what is the best thing for my situation’, and I think that CyberNet exists in the second category.
  • Rabid Otter They break whenever the network fails, and they don’t work off map. Both of these are design decisions, and additional technical limitations prevent me from adding anything like a repeater station. However, There’s nothing stopping you from sending out colonists with networked prosthetics, they’ll just disconnect. Standard networked prosthetics and brain implants cause debuffs when disconnected, the former because they’re really cheap, and the latter because you’ve replaced part of a pawn’s brain with a networked computer. However, advanced networked prosthetics and blood implants function just as well as normal body parts when disconnected, so you only lose the buffs they provide, not take additional debuffs. It’s important to keep in mind that this mod is designed to supplement, not replace, vanilla prosthetics, and for pawns that will often be leaving the map it might be a good idea to use normal bionics instead.

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