[FSF] Indoor Tree Farms

MOD Desc
This mod patches the parent def Treebase to make various changes to growing trees. What does this mean? It means every tree in the game and every type of tree added by mods that uses TreeBase will be modified. Below is a list of the changes.

Trees can be planted under roofs
Trees can be planted adjacent to each other
All Trees can be planted regardless of biome
The work required to plant trees (UNCHANGED BUT INCLUDED)

It’s very easy to modify the mod if you aren’t fond of a change or want to modify the work required to plant trees. You will however have to redo your changes if the mod is updated. You can find the mod located under


The file you need to edit is located under the Patches folder. Simply open the file in notepad and you’ll be able to modify it. Inside you’ll find 4 paragraphs of text, each one is clearly labelled for what it does. If you want to remove the ability to plant any tree for instance delete the entire paragraph relating to it. If you want to change the work required to plant trees change the number inside <sowWork> to whatever number you want.

Mod Support
Some mods may not work without being patched since they don’t use the vanilla parent def. I’ve added support for the following mods.

– Biomes! Core
– GloomyFurniture
– RimCuisine 2 (For any plant in any biome use the official patch)
– Vanilla Plants Expanded
– VGP Three Sisters Plants
– VGP Vegetable Garden
– VGP Xtra Trees and Flowers

  • took a look at my files for Rimcuisine 2. I have not included any sort of patch to make all plants available in any biome. I believe I did that because there is already a Rimcuisine 2 patch to do that which is maintained by its creator. From your comment it sounds like you already have that patch although if you don’t you should download it. I’ll edit the description because I see no mention of the fact that you need a patch for RimCuisine 2 for any plant to be growable.I’m afraid I can’t really offer any further help because it sounds like a mod issue. You’ll have to go through your list and pin down the problem.
  • yes they planned side by side and i’m removed that in mod setting only allowed them under roofremoving growing side by side affected all the trees and trees that considered crops like (apples orange … ) and for some strange reason not affected olive trees from description in game looks like they use another code if not wrong by every harvest they become faster ready for harvest maybe that use of different code make it work like that
  • You can quickly make a test planet with lowest or hifghest temperatures to see that all plants, trees included, have a seasonal temperature that they require to grow. Around, Above or Below their minimum or maximum growth temperatures, their growth rates will be negatively affected. Plants that aren’t growing for too long die. Not even Winter trees can survive if it gets too cold, nor Desert trees if it gets too hot.In a temperature controlled room, you can plant whatever you want, because the temperature can be modified to simulate the optimal environment of the plant you want to grow.
  • Yes… But not for all of them, seems there are multipal tree types, the one I saw before ParentName=’VG_PlantBase’ Name=’VG_TreeBase’and this one as well ParentName=’VG_PlantBase’ Name=’VG_FruitTreeBase’ there are also these but since these are covered under the VG_TreeBase these should be goodParentName=’VG_TreeBase’ Name=’VG_TreewoodBase’ParentName=’VG_TreeBase’ Name=’VG_DeciduousTreeBase’
  • afraid my mods are very simple xml changes. Doing what your asking would likely require coding and would probably be better suited for the Save Our Ships mod itself. I haven’t tried the mod so I don’t really know its content. If the mod does not support saving hydroponics that might be worth a suggestion.If it already does support hydroponics then it may be possible to simply patch the trees to allow them to grow in hydroponic units. That should allow them to grow in and be saved with the ship.
  • thanks for this. I hadn’t though about planting trees next to each other but overall I like that. Though for anyone using it be warned that movement through a grove with trees all planted right next to each other is really really slow. So DON’T put an orchard anywhere you move through frequently. On the other hand it’s a good way to slow down raiders at various edges of the map 🙂

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