Various Space Ship Chunk (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of totobrother mod


Non-steam version:

— Original Description —
It adds various kind of Ship Chunks
Also, These are can show when ship chunk drop event!!
It can be compatible with any mod.

Here is detail information :

A17 :

@It can be added any save file. Don’t worry about that. Thx to Mehni for making great code!
Also, The ship chunks currently do not spawn modded materials. They only contain metals you can find in vanilla.

Main code : Handsome Mehni
Art : yionguon
xml : totobrother.

Here is just retexture version. – For A17

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Tobe’s Realistic farming.

Cute Penguin.

If you want to step up your casual gaming from The Sims series to something more extreme, RimWorld is it. Its difficulty rivals Dwarf Fortress, but there are easier difficulties (and three different ‘storytellers’ that control what happens) that you could pretend like you’re playing The Sims. Plus, there’s no household cap of 8! Anyone that survives, crashing into your colony – or enemies you capture from a raid – you can *convince* them to join your colony and become a part of the family. πŸ™‚

Once you’re comfortable with observing your Sims, I mean, colonists get cozy – bump up the difficulty for hordes of your neighbors, space pirates, and even space alien robots. No one could make fun of you for that.

This game is really addictive and there are so many ways you can play it. You can treat it like a Sims game with minimal horrifying events, or a challenge to keep the longest standing colony despite waves and waves of things-trying-to-kill-you, or.. you can just see if you can make it past one colony, over and over again.

The community is very active! Reddit, Discord, and other forums. The dev(s) communicate with the community and they love the game as much as we do. There are so, so, so many mods – and some that are practically expansion packs to the game!

With randomization (seeds & events), high quality mods, and the ongoing major update – the game has so much replayability. It’s really, really fun – I really can’t recommend it enough. This is the most amount of hours I’ve put into a Steam game. I really recommend it.

Of course, sure, you can make people into hats.

346 hours on the Rim, I’ve been stuck here for quite some time. Randy has tried to kill me quite a few times already….

Most recently he sent a Man Hunter pack of Wargs. I gunned these down with ease. ‘RANDY is that all you have!’ I said throwing back the Warg attack in Randy’s face. (Bad Idea and I spoke to soon)

Randy Smiled.

The events that then followed in what seemed like 5 days were.

Mechanoids. Tonnes of Mechanoids.
Then a solar flare and a Poison Ship. However we managed to prevail through, just.
THEN DISASTER STRUCK! ‘OH NO, what is that?!?!’ An infestation decided to take over my home in the hills.

We were on our last legs. My team were down, everyone bleeding on the floor with what seemed like no hope in sight.


The Man in Black arrives.

‘Hurrah, our saviour is here’ I say through blood curdling breathes.

The Man in Black runs straight in gun in hand looking more powerful than any colonists I’ve ever seen.

He’s now face to face with a MegaSpider.

I check his bio to see his shooting skill…..

Shooting skill 1…………………………….

‘What is this ‘ I exclaim.

The Man in Black had a swift death shortly after.

This explains in short the one of many many many many many times of enjoyment, hilarity and shear brutality this game will cast down upon you.

And I would not have it any other way.

Also if that Is not enough then i shall leave you with one word….

Mods. That is all.

Rimtastic Game. I R8 it 8/8 M8.

Have had this game for some time now. Haven’t put as many hours into it as I’d like. I’m currently up at about 2:30 in the morning after just losing the last of my colony.

Started with three folks I named Axl, Brick and Frankie
Frankie was an awesome hunter but I noticed she moved a bit slow. That’s when I realized she was pushing 85 years old.
Axl harvested a ton of berries while Brick made clothes and butchered any food killed.
At some point in late fall the temperature dropped quick and low and no one had warm enough clothes so it became a race against time to gather anything outside the house.
At some point Mike joined after being chased by pirate and had nothing but pants.
Then Matthew arrived and everyone began suffering hypothermia and infected limbs. In one fight someone had an eye blown out. The cat even lost its front paw..
After everyone simoultaneously getting too sick to work, the pet raccoon was eaten by a fox, Brick went down trying to save it but realized he was too slow in the snow, then was hunted down himself.
Frankie hobbled out to save Brick and went down because of old age. Axl saved everyone and was left to then save Matthew and Henry who were attacked by a wolf.
After realizing he was all that was left he lay in bed locked in the house with the cat waiting for the lone raider who decided to pick the best time to drop in.
Raider blows up solar panels and as Axl runs out to put out the fire, he is clubbed and kiddnapped.
While waiting to be taken away there is one last cry.
Arctic wolf ate the cat…

Sounds like the story of my life..

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