[A16] Caravan Dogs

MOD Desc
Caravan Dogs has been updated to 0.17 under a different link for backwards compatibility! If you want to use Caravan Dogs for 0.17, please subscribe to the following link:


Allows all large canines to act as pack animals in a caravan, complete with modified pack textures.

I run a nomadic tribe and wanted my dogs to literally pull their own weight, but there weren’t any workshop mods that let dogs carry items and also added the pack textures, so I made this. Currently the animals that can carry items are:

– Arctic Wolf
– Husky
– Labrador Retriever
– Timber Wolf
– Warg

I didn’t include yorkies or foxes because they’re too small. Caravan capacity seems to be based on carry weight and is automatically generated by the game, so they wouldn’t be able to carry much anyway.

I may expand this to include other non-small creatures in the future, but each one requires a custom sized pack so it will take a while to do all of them. So it’s just dogs for now.

Rimworld is a good game … if you define licking rust off the bottom of your grandpa’s pickup truck bumper as ‘good’. As you’re doing this, your diluted mind tells you that you’re enjoying something that is disturbing your neighbors but you just can stop yourself. So you stay up playing for 46 hours straight trying to develop your colony… just so that they can get moody and beat the out of each other and then raided by alien cyborgs. it ragequit and get some sleep.. best of luck after you’re awake… the next 36 hours is a lucid dream and you can’t help to see other people around you as colonists while hearing that damn theme song playing in your head over and over and over again… it never ends… please make it stop.

so yeah
Great game 10/10 dont play it

Amazing game!
Great replayability, amazing community, and a lot, I mean a LOT of mods.
You can’t imagine what kind of narrative can happen to your colony. From almost your entire village succumb to a toxic fallout, and have to rebuild it if only one person. To build a village out of cannibals, crafting furniture that uses human skin on them, and then selling them. And much more!
If you dislike something. No problem, There is probably something in the workshop that fixes it, or improves your gameplay.
I guess my only advice for new players is: don’t be afraid to lose- like an old game has taught me- losing is FUN. It is not about achieving the best stats, but the journey you took to get there.
Probably one of my favorite games on my list. Totally worth it.

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