Advanced Marine Armor

MOD Desc
Marine armor. The most effective late-game armor.

Not anymore! Now you can sink your leftover resources into EVEN BETTER marine armor! Using a revolutionary alloy called modificarium, you can upgrade your boring marine armor to not-boring ADVANCED marine armor. But that is not all! No, no, nooo. You can also create helpful combat tools such as vizors that enhance your vision, electrodes to stimulate your brawling potential or exoskeletons to be better at combat! And again, that is not all. Using the aforementioned not-boring advanced marine armor and the combat tools, you can make specialised melee and ranged marine armors!

Disclaimer: these creations will require research to be done. The inventor of these magnificent items is not you, so you do not yet comprehend how to fabricate these items. Contact your nearest researcher if you are interested.

Also, the thumbnail is no longer accurate, as I have switched the recipes to the fabrication bench.

If you have issues with the mod, comment in the comments section of this mod on Steam.

  • I have uploaded the mod with the offset stats for the modificarium. I have set the sharp armour offset to a tad below steel, since modificarium is just a metal used to modify power armour and shouldn’t be used to make other really good armour.The blunt has been set to between steel and plasteel. It isn’t good at sharp, so in my opinion it should be somewhat better at blunt.And lastly the heat has been put above plasteel, since I felt that because modificarium is used to modify and basically functions as supercable for all the new gadgets and gizmos inside the advanced marine armour, it should be able to stand some heat.If you, or anyone else for that matter, has some other moderately fleshed out ideas for the stats of modificarium and supports them with reasonable arguments, feel free to post them here and I will at least consider them. If I like it, I think I’ll put it to a vote that lasts a week or two.
  • OMG thank you so much!! This will really help with updating .The use of the elctrodes are for melee combat. It stimulates certain areas of your pawns’ brains which have to do with the close combat fighting skill. It is really technical and stuff, only the best scientists on rimworlds can figure it out ;D.If you think the elctrodes are too resource expensive, I will balance it a bit more. In a week I will be free from school, so I will get to work on updating the mod.
  • I unfortunately have not been able to spend as much time as I’d like on Rimworld, since I am in my exam year. I have just recently started making a list of my two mods and all the stuff that I will have to check and work on for them. I do not yet know when I will have time to work on any of the points on the rather large list, but I have good hope to commence updating around the beginning of June.I also do not think anyone would want an updated mod with constant red error messages, but I do think this will be the first of my two mods to get updated, since its to-do list is absolutely tiny compared to the other one…I hope to get it done as much as you do, but hearing requests for a new version is absolutely wonderful to hear, since it means I have done a good job. So thank you for that, and thank you for your patience.
  • I’m sorry to hear that. My advice to you is the same as my advice to NickGreenTV: The things I changed were the defName xml nodes for better distinction. I added to every defName the ‘AMA_’ bit. I think that if you make a local copy of the mod and remove those 4 characters you should have a significant chance to make your save work again, so long as you haven’t deleted it, deleted the mod or saved it again.
  • similiar issues as below. I can craft all of it, but no list of requirements. advanced armor and helmet are both fine though. did you need the full logs? Disabling and reenabling this mod, I know it throws 3 types of errors multiple times for me. mod conflict?1) XML error: 1 doesn’t correspond to any field in type ApparelProperties.2) Could not resolve cross-reference: No RimWorld.SkillDef named Research found to give to Verse.SkillRequirement Verse.SkillRequirement.3) Cannot call ItemFromXmlFile with resolveCrossRefs=true while loading is already in progress.
  • Hey everyone, good news!!!: I figured out wat was wrong, fixed it and updated the mod.I did a quick test and everything seemed to work OK. List of what was wrong: – The skill ‘Research’ was changed in the latest update to ‘Intellectual’, which was the cause of seeing no ingredients.- The line which specifies how often you see the modifications and suits carried by traders has also changed in the latest update. Won’t bother you with the details, but it IS fixed.As always, let me know what you think and if you have any problems. Oh, and suggestions are also VERY welcome.

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