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Customize your RimWorld colonists, choose your gear and prepare carefully for your crash landing! Use the optional point limits to try to create a balanced start or keep points disabled to build the starting group that you always wanted to try. Save your setup as a preset so that you can start your game the same way later.

Please see the original forum thread[ludeon.com] for more information. It may be a better place to look for help if you’re running into trouble.

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1.2.1 Released (22 August 2020) Version 1.2.1 of the mod is now available and should automatically update from the Workshop. This release adds support for RimWorld 1.2. The first couple of releases for a new version of the game often have bugs, so please report any issues or mod incompatibilities that you see. We can’t fix all mod compatibility issues, but we always try to make it work with as many other mods as possible.

Why doesn’t the ‘Prepare Carefully’ button appear for me? First and foremost, make sure that you’ve enabled the mod. This will be obvious to experienced mod users, but if you’re new to RimWorld mods, you need to go into the Mods menu when you start the game and explicitly enable a mod after you’ve subscribed to it.

If you’ve got dozens of other mods installed, it can be difficult to know what’s causing this. Sometimes, an error while loading another mod that is before Prepare Carefully in the mod order causes Prepare Carefully not to load properly. In other cases, I have heard that some people have success with uninstalling and then reinstalling the game, but it’s difficult for me to recommend that approach. Posting the game’s log file somewhere (if you know how to do that) can help, but only do so if this if you’ve pared down the number of mods you’re using to a minimum.

When I click the Prepare Carefully button, it doesn’t do anything or a get an error message. Why doesn’t it work? This usually happens because another mod is doing something that Prepare Carefully does not expect, and it causes an error. It’s impossible to test with every mod out there, so issues like this are inevitable. However, we do try to continue to improve the error handling in the mod to try to avoid them.

Where should I put Prepare Carefully in my mod load order? Prepare Carefully doesn’t have any outgoing interactions with other mods until you click the ‘Prepare Carefully’ button, so load order is flexible. When you have dozens of mods enabled, they can interact in unexpected ways, so I can’t claim that it actually doesn’t matter where you put Prepare Carefully in the load order, but in principle it shouldn’t matter. When we’re testing the mod, we use this load order (ignore mods in this list if you’re not using them):

  • Harmony
  • Core
  • Royalty
  • HugsLib
  • JecsTools
  • Humanoid Alien Races
  • EdB Prepare Carefully
  • …other mods…

There are a few mods that must be loaded after Prepare Carefully because they are modding the Prepare Carefully screens in some way (Psychology’s unofficial updates, Facial Stuff PrepC Patch, Gradient Hair, etc).

How do I help you figure out which mod is causing the problem? You’ll need to experiment to figure out which mod is causing the problem. If you have development mode enabled, you’ll likely see some clues about where the error is happening. If you figure out which mod it is, you can let me know, and I’ll try to take a look. Unfortunately, a lot of times when I try to reproduce a problem, it works just fine for me–it’s frustrating.

Which other mods don’t work with Prepare Carefully? We’re always trying to make Prepare Carefully compatible with as many other mods as possible, but other mods are unpredictable and sometimes are not compatible. Help us by trying to figure out which mods are causing problems and reporting it in the ‘bugs and issues’ discussion.

I’m using point limits. Why does insert thing here cost the number of points that it does? It should cost more/less. The point system relies on the vanilla game’s built-in ‘market values.’ These market values are balanced for vanilla gameplay and not for setting up a starting group of colonists. I’ve made some tweaks to try to balance this, but it really is an impossible task, and you will see things that seem wrong. For example, the vanilla values for colonists do not take passions or traits into account (for the most part). I’ve added costs for passions, but I’ve left traits alone.

I was recently finally able to start playing Minecraft again (like within the past five days). Previously I would load it and get discouraged with how much I would have to do to get to where my last (incompatable/destroyed) save was… so it’s been maybe a week since I’ve played Rimworld, and probably two to three times as long since I created a character, so it depends when your last update was. If it was more than two months ago, then yes, I still see that ‘crash’ (technical/graphical glitching), but if it was within the past week or two, no.Again, it isn’t a hard crash, it just prevents anything from being modified as it removes all graphical buttons for the selected pawn until a different pawn is selected (or created if all others are removed). If it continues the next time I play Rimworld I will see if I can get a screen shot.

Before I start i would like to say that i am VERY tired, I was getting the same issues as AND since I have to stay up for a bit I decided to investigate. Firstly the method given by trapmaka does work but i also didn’t need that mod anymore so I just deleted it and that worked as well. Next I researched for 3 hours to solve the problem with the equipment tab not loading. I have some suspicions past my current knowledge. Currently it seems like the Rimsenal mods are what causes it. many, many, many… many… mods.. could be the cause OR it could just be a code incompatibility, who knows. bottom line is that Rimsenal is a cause for the equipment tab not opening. I’d suggest removing it from your mod list or if you don’t have it: Manually check each mod/mod list until you find the conflict. Oh and apparently the Rimsenal hair, and the first mod work fine but anything else just breaks it.

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