Less Stupid Romance Attempt (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Dazz Aephiex mod


Non-steam version:

— Original Description —
Q1: Will you court a girl/boy that already has a stable relationship?
Q2: Will you court a girl/boy that rebuffed you just an hour ago?
Q3: Will you court a girl/boy when you have been rebuffed by another girl/boy just an hour ago?

Well. Your pawns will.

– One cannot perform or targeted by romance attempt if they have +25 or greater opinion to their current lover.
– One cannot perform romance attempt if recently rebuffed by someone, as long as ‘rebuffed by someone’ mood modifier hasn’t expired.
– Romance control over gays and lesbians:
1. One is more likely to rebuff if the performer is not their ideal gender.
2. One is twice more likely to breakup if current lover is not their ideal gender.
3. One will never perform marrage proposal if current lover is not their ideal gender, and will always reject marrage proposal.
– Fixed psychopath by the way:
1. Psychopath will no longer mind if any other people and/or animals are killed: no matter how close they were; exactly what the description says.
2. Psychopath will no longer have their mood or opinion to other people adjusted according to their romance relationship status.

Incompatibility: Psychology (Psychology has already reworked romance mechanic, and I don’t even know if this mod is still required if you have it.)
Old Save Compatible: Yes
Safely Removable: Yes

Ignore my playtime – I have 1000+ hours since around alpha 7, this game is superb and an absolutely fantastic investment for the amount of time you can get out of it.

To start, this game in its purest form is about controlling randomness. The planet is randomly generated. Your colonists are randomly generated. The events that transpire are random.

You start with nothing – a few colonists with randomly generated abilities, personality traits, and possibly injuries or other health conditions. You have a handful of building materials, enough food to last a week, and some simple weapons. From there, it’s your job to help them survive.

However, you don’t control your colonists directly. You give them orders, and they will try to carry them out. This isn’t an RTS game – at its core it’s a procedural story generator, and your role is basically to keep your colonists alive for as long as possible as their lives play out. You are like a mostly powerless god, able to guide your colonists but can never overcome their free will or innate personality traits for long. Things will never go exactly as planned, and that is part of the joy of the game. Traders will visit your colony, you will get raided by pirates and tribals and even mechanoids, colonists will get to know each other better and even fall in love, random disasters will happen, your colonists will get sick… their lives play out while randomness happens all around them.

Once you get accustomed to the basic mechanics, the purest and arguably most fun way to play this game is ‘iron man’ mode – don’t just reload an autosave whenever anything bad happens to your colony. When someone dies, they die. In some circumstances, that will mean the end of your colony. But sometimes you will continue, hampered by the loss of a colonist but hopeful for the future, eventually thriving without them. This is RimWorld at its best – a rich simulation that allows for some incredible storytelling. There are few games where you will ever find yourself so attached to what are essentially randomly generated pawns.

A lot of people in the reviews are comparing RimWorld to Prison Architect, but it’s only like PA in the sense that the art style is similar – the graphics are simplistic and representative. The game does not play the same way at all. It’s much closer to Dwarf Fortress, but really it’s a little unfair to compare RimWorld to another game because it doesn’t really feel derivative of anything else. It’s very much its own thing.

I think it’s easier to say who I wouldn’t recommend this game for:

– If you like to have tutorials and hand holding throughout, this game is not for you
– If you don’t like challenging games, this game is not for you
– If you want action and constant battles and explosions, this game is not for you
– If you like predictability and hate randomness, this game is not for you

Overall, RimWorld might not be the prettiest game in the world, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for tenfold in replayability. Ludeon are constantly adding more content, they listen to community feedback, and even though it’s Early Access this game has vastly more content and replayability than most completed indie games.

I’ve invested hundreds of hours into this game and will probably invest thousands more. Couldn’t recommend enough.

Do you like reviews? I do read them regularly just out of curiousity, but I never review myself, till now.

Some reviews are really fun to read. Sometimes there is this beautiful review story on steam where it sounds too good to be true.

These review stories mostly end in an epic fail what made the reviewer’s experience so great. Most of the time I’m just interested, getting a feel for the game by reading a couple lines of text, not really on the edge of buying the game.

I did my fair amount of research on Rimworld. Watched some videos, checked some reddit and ofc I was stunned by the 97% positive reviews overall here on steam.
So i read a couple of those review stories on Rimworld and this time I wanted to find out myself. I have imagination and I like sandbox so lets give it a try.

It says story telling generator in the main menu, ehm whatever that means?

I had my beginner fails and restarted twice. Now I started with three well rounded survivors: Lumi, Snow, Kay and a Labrador called ‘Sneakers’.

All of them are female, if this should bother me?

I fend of the first raids and weather events. I made Cat, a remarkably intelligent and nimble woman in her 40s, and until then my first guest, join my colony. I found a wounded red fox nearby and successfully tamed him. An old optimistic lady called Jet of the Faction ‘Zeke’s Cannibals’ sits in my prison for days just to get food served and enjoy a cooled single room during heatwave!!

I even went on my first caravan trip to some unique lootplace. I should be there in 14 days or someone else will I was told. To say the least, I was not ready for this and somehow survived with my wanderers nearly dying to starvation.

I got everybody back home and somehow felt relieved all my women are still around and healthy. Now I will finally recruit Jet, it can’t be that hard!!

Meanwhile an annoying pirate of ‘Zeke’s Cannibals’ is lurking around preparing his attack. He is weak and no threat to my pus sy army so I leave him be till he gets active. SUDDENLY Jet breaks out!! She tries to escape and run towards the pirate, but my women stop her without hesitating and put her back to bed immediately. The ugly pirate was slaugthered right after and put under the ground were he belongs (the pirate was male, btw).

Just after I clean up the mess and everyone is back to normal, I get a message from Lu.

She needs to be rescued, she is chaised by some armed pirate and needs help now she said!
All I got to know was that she is 29y and would join my colony if I help her.
Well.. I was thinking.. What if she is unexperienced and not a good fit for my group of ladies?
On the other hand, I just finished building another dorm room so why not take the chance?

I really got hyped about the idea of a colony consisting of a strong females and their leadership only. After another easy take down Lu joined me and I checked her BIO.. oh wow !


She is a former music idol but now a beautiful prostitute attracted to women!!
I had to laugh out loud.
I am eager to find out what happens next! And all I know is, that I just scratched the surface of the game.

Long story short: Some review stories are too good to be true!

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