[1.2] Small Shelf

MOD Desc
Description : [1.2] Small Shelf

Small shelf: works like a normal shelf but has 1×1 size, holds anything

The difference from normal Shelves is that the priority is importantly specified, but the type of items to be stored is not specified. For this reason, you need to specify items you want to store yourself after building. Nothing is stored in the default state.

Art from CuproPanda’s ‘CorePanda’ mod.

Translation included:
English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Turkish
Russian (by MarioMustach)

Original Art author : CorePanda

B19 version here:
[B19] Small Shelf

Old 1.0 version

File name: 10_SmallShelf.zip
File size: 16.50 KB (16,898 bytes)
SHA256: ab29b7b696fc14b96b5ba53c9a96ac2da6d56db3476971610aea0e35a9488745
CRC32 : FD20E0FF

Download Link :

for Version 1.1

File name: 11_SmallShelf.zip
File size: 30.55 KB (31,279 bytes)
SHA256: EA70B5DE0FA8B470E0A2F41F3AEFAED7C02E79CDAE48429F3F5C671F2D8A3C2D
CRC32 : ED1A2360

Download Link :

¦ VAArtemchukHello.In many cases, it is rare that conflicts will occur in Mod simply adding items. Because modder will see an error log at the time of the test if the defname of that item suffers from others.Of course, if you start with Core and the mod you just created, you will not get an error unless it contains a fundamental mistake. However, it is fatal to have overlapping problems when used together with many Mod that can be said to be indispensable at the same time. Our Mod authors should test play both in Core only state and in a state with many Mod enabled so that these problems will not occur (Of course, it is time to check competition with all Mods There may not be). Thank you.

Natalo77.As of now, we have not confirmed any conflicts with other Mod. The only thing I was able to confirm that I was affected is that items placed on the shelf as colony stocks are not counted when using together Mods that changes the stack amount and Mod that saves the state of the stockpiling zone. However, the same phenomenon occurs on the vanilla shelf, and the problem is solved by resetting the items to be stored.Other than that, it is exactly the same function as the shelf of vanilla, so if conflict occurs, vanilla shelf should also have problems. Thank you.

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