Growing Plots

MOD Desc
A simple mod that allows you to construct 3×3 growing plots. There are regular and rich soil variants. The rich soil version requires Hydroponics research and Neutroamine to build. They do not require power and thus can be built anywhere to allow more versatility in growing, hopefully without being overpowered.

  • Found a weird bug with these. I only tried regular carpeting – so no modded floors. When I have the carpeting blueprint on the plots, the colonist will not replant. They will harvest, but never replant them. When I removed the blueprint, the planted whatever was in there. It didn’t seem to matter what was being planted either. I had crops, drugs, healroot, cloth, etc. TLDR: Colonists would not replant crops if a flooring blueprint was placed over the plot. Only the affected square would be the issue.
  • I will look into this again, originally I had them acting like ground, but they behaved buggy, and I had to choose between making them act buggy and like ground, or work correctly and act like hydroponics. If I recall correctly, and this is why I need to look again, the definitions for what can be grown are set by the plants Defs which means I would have had to break compatability with other mods in order to set my own list of plants that can grow, and make the whole thing work correctly, but it was several patches ago that I looked into it so I may be remembering incorrectly or something may have changed, so I’ll look into it again when I get the chance.
  • What if you made a ‘hightech’ varient that used some silver to ‘electically stimulate growth’ to make a very highspeed, however smaller (2×2), varient to this so you can use it to grow lots of plants fairly fast for early gamers who prioritize food growth along with small ammounts of energy production. You could even make larger varients of this one by making it consume low ammounts of energy for the first one, and then much larger ammounts as the size goes up.
  • Inspect string for RichGrowingPlot1418512 contains empty lines.Verse.Log:Error(String)Verse.Log:ErrorOnce(String, Int32)RimWorld.InspectPaneFiller:DrawInspectStringFor(ISelectable, Single&)RimWorld.InspectPaneFiller:DoPaneContentsFor(ISelectable, Rect)RimWorld.MainTabWindow_Inspect:DoPaneContents(Rect)RimWorld.InspectPaneUtility:InspectPaneOnGUI(Rect, IInspectPane)RimWorld.MainTabWindow_Inspect:DoWindowContents(Rect)Verse.c__AnonStorey2C5:m__1B2(Int32)UnityEngine.GUI:CallWindowDelegate(WindowFunction, Int32, GUISkin, Int32, Single, Single, GUIStyle)
  • I’ve tried fixing this issue, but I think it’s a bug with the base game that my mod exposes. Normally the string that contains if a growing plot or hydroponics basic is in it’s growing season has additional information above it. In the case of the Growing Zone it lists the growing season, and in the case of the Hydroponics basin it lists the power usage, so the game thinks there should be information above that line on the Growing Plots. I’m debating if I should leave it or use a work around like setting it to 0 power usage, which would have it’s own annoyance.

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