Impassable Chest-deep Water

MOD Desc
*Original Mod by*

Makes chest-deep water impassable, and reduces the walk speed of shallow water. Makes rivers strategically useful.

Edited – Shallow Moving Water changed to 25% move speed from 6% in base mod version.

One of the best base building/colony management sims of all time. Its very reminiscent of the old game Dwarf Fortress. However it has the upside of looking sooo much better and having sooo many excellently made mods, that you probably won’t notice especially once your running about 30-50 per playthrough. Until the small colony you have been so desperately defending and nurturing is overrun by orcish slave raiders, bent on stealing all your female colonist to sell. Only to have the sole survivor of the struggle suffocate because he got in a fight with a rabid scorpion snake not 10 minutes later, and poison is a . Then and only then will you notice that yes Dwarf Fortress lives on. Definitely worth a buy. 10/10 ‘Will waste 80 hours of my life only to cry and struggle on through bitter tears again’ P.S. Randy Random for life.

((I tagged this Check this box if you received this product for free because i got free steam key to me buying it on the rimworld site.))
Oh christ. After playing for 60 hours, and over 100’s of hours off steam because i have played Alpha 6, and i am a public tester. I love this game. This is a game where you can watch a small group and a small wooden hut to evolve into a glitterworld level hut, with power armor and miniguns. Then watching that glitterworld hut burn down or mech’s shooting though your best guy. Making classes and watching the game messing up your plans. Getting raided by people with wooden clubs but they are 90 years old. Or watching the raiders coming with power armor and all you have the logs of wood. Oh my god i love this and i hope it goes so far.

Rating Getting killed by crazy animals/10

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