Training Console 1.2

MOD Desc
Now it work in 1.2

Now your colonists will be able to quickly develop their skills using a special device.

This is an update on created by Broken Valkyrie.

The original is at created by Captain Juicy

The difference between my version mod is that it works according to the old method, with a new column in the works tab, and in the Broken Valkyrie mod there is a new method, there is no new column in the works tab.

What is the difference?

In my version of the mod, if you do not want any pawn to use the console, you simply exclude it from the list of students.

In Broken Valkyrie version of the mod this option does not exist; in theory, the pawn learns only if it does not have other higher priority cases. But if I understood correctly, now there is a problem that when a pawn has exhausted its daily learning threshold, then it may not cease to learn. What in my opinion is a significant drawback.

Savegame compatible.

If you want to add a translation into another language, please contact me.

Russian (based by kr33man)

An incredible game all around. Finally a colony sim where things attack me, trading, quests, scenario editing to exclude or include anything etc.. Did i mention a colony sim where things attack? like a lot of things. in different ways. then your homie named Reek (cause you filled him with 20 bullets then took him prisoner to patch him back to put in your army (and he has really god Plant skill)) starts sleeping with a married woman. ‘build a double bed so they can sleep together’ the game said. Then a rare thrombos spawns and i send my army nearby and ‘accidentally’ sent only Reek in dying in 2 blows (his health damage list was… impressive) to pull the beast to my sandbags instead of using my sniper like normal. Think next run i may go 10 cannibals with kind and fast learning but start in the stone age. Increase ‘raid’ spawns to feed my people and pick 1 or 2 factions that i don’t eat when they arrive. 10/10 side note since you like builders and for some reason read this far get ONI (oxygen not included) cause it is cute af but no getting raided :'(



One has to be very careful when you play as it is so immersive and has such a strong pull that hours, nay days go by and you still want to keep that colony going even if it means you sacrifice sleep. It is an exceptional game, and I couldn’t do a review justice as it would be parroting what so many other positive reviews have already said so I will sum it up here:

Go crashland on a foreign planet, dig yourself in… both in-game and real-life because it’s gonna be a wild, wonderful ride. You’ll become attached to your colonists. You’ll love some, hate some. If you’re like me, you’ll even have strong feelings for your pets. Losing one is hard not just for your colonists, but you (I) feel bad too. I could literally write a 20 pafge review explaning all the things I like, but that would become boring so I will just reiterate the most important thing to keep in mind. The game may have a learning curve, but it is one of those games that has such a grand payoff for spending the time to learn the systems.

Here is the story of my first colony
-On Day 2 a pack of yorky terriers joins the colony, there is like 5-10 of them
-they make my colonist extremely happy by nuzzling them while things get started
-a couple months pass, they have puppies and they eat all of the food as soon as it is cooked or butchered
– As winter hits the dogs begin eating all of the meat I hunt and keep breeding
-My colonsist are hungry, but the dog nuzzles nullify it a bit
-I learn the technology to make beer, make about 245 bottles in my first batch
-dogs break in to the storage cellar, drink beer
-several dogs become alcoholics
-they drink all of the beer in 3 days, then start going through withdrawls
-there is roughly 35-40 dogs at this point, they are a problem but I don’t have the heart to slaughter them
-someone in the distance uses a mood altering device, all of the terriers become enraged and turn on my colonists
-my shot gun wearing, armoured colonists are over run and killed by small pocket dogs
-10/10 would start again

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