MOD Desc
ZeroTech-Shield Expansion Pack
Why, it is obvious that all damage can be blocked, but some people choose to use the main axis of flesh and blood to bear the damage.
Energy Shield-Candle Shadow/Moon Shadow: A shield equipped with a virtualizer has a chance to directly ignore the damage, attenuate energy according to the number of hits, and absorb energy consumption when receiving melee damage
Energy Shield-Fluorescence/Daylight: A shield equipped with a permanent shield has a chance to reduce the damage received when the shield is broken. The energy is attenuated according to the number of hits, and the energy consumed when suffering long-range damage
Energy Shield-Flashing/Transition: A shield equipped with a high-speed energy concentrator, transfers the wearer to a short distance when consuming energy, and attenuates energy according to the number of hits
Energy Shield-Stone Age/Medieval/Industrial Age/Space Age/Ultra Age: A shield that consumes energy according to the intensity of damage will greatly increase its strength by strengthening each generation

Language: Simplified Chinese
Sharing Agreement:MIT

726 hours played and will play for hundreds more. I bought this game before it was even on steam (Thanks Tynan for giving us all steam codes!) and was worried it wasn’t worth the £30. I can say it is worth that and more. If the price is putting you off, just keep reading these reviews, you’ll get the idea 😉

Would recommend watching some YT vids to see what it’s all about, then immediately come back to Steam and BUY THIS GAME!

I’d start everyone off in vanilla, just to get a feel for the game, learn the basics and get comfortable. After that, check out the workshop and download a few things you think will make it more fun for you. Don’t go crazy on mods right off the bat, I feel a lot of them takeaway from the gameplay rather than make it better but that’s maybe just me! Even now I only have 4 mods running. Would defo recommend ‘Prepare Carefully’, I think it’s one of the mods that can really add to your starting scenario. You can even use it to hinder your start in the game if that’s how you like to roll 😉

YT recommendations: Quill18, CohhCarnage and Blitz (perhaps on his after dark channel).

If you like basebuilding/strategy/sandbox/survival games, this is definitely for you. Enjoy!

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