[B19] Removable Mt.Rock Roof Patche

MOD Desc
[B19] Removable Mt.Rock Roof Patche

If you remove the roof of ‘overhead mountain’ it is the same as when removing the roof of ‘rock roof (thin)’. You can not reinstall the same type of roof. Therefore, the roof you can install is only Rimworld’s default constructible roof.

After patching, ‘overhead mountain roofs’ penetrate the attacks of transport pods and mortar.

1.0 & 1.1 multi-version is here.
[1.1] Removable Mt.Rock Roof Patche

B18 version here.
[B18] Removable Mt.Rock Roof Patche

Description: It is a simple Mod just to patch Core. Colonists will be able to remove overhead mountain. And using this Mod, at the same time, the effect that ‘insects infestation’ does not occur.

This will greatly reduce the difficulty of the game. If you want to play with high difficulty, we recommend not using this Mod.

How to Remove thick roofs (overhead mountain):
1. Like the normal (same remove the rock ceiling (thin) ), use the ‘Remove roof area’ tool In the zone (in the architect menu) and draw an orange area.

2. Wait for a pawn to remove roof. Otherwise select a Pawn who allocated construction work and right click the area and Instruct them to do it right away.

3. Basically like normal removal, they do not mind even thick roofs.

Download Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/340jhj6zuw0qktx/B19_RemovableMtRockRoofPatche.zip?dl=0
File name: B19_RemovableMtRockRoofPatche.zip
Size: 9.55 KB (9,780 bytes)
SHA256: 36eab7565a65d7755460bd6846703ef919d26bbdcabb8d3093c9b97d34decdb6
CRC32 : 19B03A1E

Buy, wait for discount, or pass?

Lightweight install – CHECK
Beautiful, crisp, fairly zoomable textures – CHECK
Reserved aesthetics that really make such textures meaningful – CHECK
Pausable, saveable, alt+tabable and difficulty changeable at any moment – CHECK
Customizable Gameplay – 100%
Can just chill and go around planting trees while wife cooks – CHECK
Very open worldey feeling yet not open world and no quest cliches – CHECK
GF can see it coming too – CHECK
She moved out, she ain’t havin’ none of this, better now than 2000 hours later – MATE
Glitch free – CHECK – not for me unfortunately, screen flickers when I zoom in, but we’ll see.

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