Dead Goat’s Weapon Pack

MOD Desc
A pack of various weapons.


————–melee weapons————–
Battle Axe
War Axe
Brass Knuckles
War Hammer
Skull Mace

————–Ranged Weapons————–
Light Crossbow
Heavy Crossbow
Staff Sling
Repeating Crossbow
Hunting Net

  • Hi! I really like the more variety which comes with the various different weapons, very nice! Thumbs up! But Blowgun neurotoxine effect stays forever, that sucks. Make it at least declining at a very slow rate or cureable with an antidote or something pls
  • I don’t think is going to get much done about it, but this appears to largely break the dual wield mod (or at least it did a few months ago). You can technically use them side by side, but it prevents you from changing any settings in the dual wield menu. It’s a real shame because I’d love to use these weapons! Is CE compatibility also something we might see…? There’s a distinct lack of tribal melee weapons (and melee weapons generally) in CE
  • I only wanted a mod with a bearded axe. Double headed Axes are abominable. Your war Axe looks nice. The rest of the weapons make sense, I like the mod. Except the farmer’s Scythe, hahaha!I’ll make an obscure request while I’m here. Your mod doesn’t have a Bardiche. I mean there’s a whole heaping amount of silly variations of weapons you’re missing, but the fundamental types seem all there. Pole axe is too much like Halberd which is too much like spear, but Bardiche seems to be oddball enough to fit while not being ridiculous tech like a ball and chain macey thingy. Though one could argue it’s just a long hande Axe, so fair enough! Bye!
  • ‘Any thoughts regarding powder weapons? flintlock, matchlock, muskets and pistols ect. Or do you know about one?’ Isn’t that pretty easy to mod in? The mechanics are already there. You do need to get some new pixelated sprites in, but the only difference between a matchlock and an survival rifle would be in actual stats. Well, that and a spiffy black-poweder cloud upon firing, because I refuse to accept anything without the abundant smoke effect πŸ™‚
  • So okay. I treated someone that got hit by a blowgun, thought that would be the last of it. An hour later in game and they passed out. Check their overview and it says ‘Neurotoxin (extreme, growing) thought, okay so they’re sick from the poison that’s fine it should be treatable with medicine. Only it’s not. How is a simple neurotoxin neutralizer not included in medkids in 5500? Let alone the top of the line glitterworld medkits. I’ve played a lot since then and tried doing eveyrthing I can up to and including replacing every organ but it literally will not go away. My pawn is at ‘84%’ on the neurotoxin now, is there any way to save them?

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