Deads dense Biomes

MOD Desc
Dead’s dense Biomes is just a 1.0 adjustment of ‘Increased Forest Density – Deadly Version V6 B18’ by Helpful Bot. Once he returns (even tho i think he will not) and updates his mod i will probably delete this… also firsttime modder i did it for myself but figured i would share it with the world because i appreciate it too if someone takes a mod i love and updates it when it gets abandoned.

Also upvote this mod so others who might seek something like this can find it more easily.

Here is the ‘normal’ version for pussie… i mean for ppl who do not want to have stronger predators

Here are some of my conclusions regarding this game:

1. It is not a game! this is for real. (When Dove died I really cried!)
2. After 10 graves you stop counting (facepalm)
3. Colonists find joy in the most weird stuff ( I will never visit a grave when I am sad, not to mention digging steel O.o)
4. Don’t waste your meds on prisoners, just eat them (not the meds! these are expensive)
5. the most used function is the reload … ( it’s not cheating if you went to eat and forgot to pause the game!)
6. Fleeing is useless, cats can be deadly
7. I am not addicted, I can stop whenever I want. In a year or so.

Seriously… Rimworld is an awesome intense, funny, exhausting, addictive (and awesome again) game! I am not sure, I guess humm… highly recommended ? 😛

*Late edit* :
the last update is great and mods keep the game amazing ! 🙂

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