The Spetsnaz GORKA Kit

MOD Desc
Adds the Cheeki Breeki Sneaky Snacky Spetsnaz GORKA outfit in the game. Does not include Vodka.

1.0 Version Merged with Rimmu-Nation
24/10/2018 –

Outfits Version:

Note: The GORKA covers top to bottom of the body as one set of clothing. Coding has been redone in this overhaul, the default spetsnaz helmet has been slightly modified.

Mod includes the Russian Spetsnaz GORKA-4 Uniform featuring:
– Tachanka’s helmet
– Tachanka’s unmounted LMG, everytime picked up, plays a custom Tachanka quote.
– GORKA 4 Jacket, normal and flecktarn version
– Russian Plate Carriers, has harnesses and pockets for extra Vodka capacity
– Spetsnaz Helmet with fullface protection, so you can rush B with P90 and not worry about getting your head shot
– Juggernaut Suit
– Armored Parka
– Various Headgear based on the Russian Spetsnaz equipment
– You get to dress up as your favourite underpowered Rainbow Six Operator
– Iconic Russian weapons such as the VSS Vintorez, RPG and AK47 etc.
– Communism

Does not include:
– Lord Tachanka Buff
– Vodka
– Slavic Squatting
– Vladimir Putin

Credits to:
Jesus Christ – saving us from our sins
Shinzy – Organization, brand new coding system.
Valve – Original SAS CS:GO Models
Andrew_Helenek – SAS Model Reference
Tynan – everything coding base
Jecrell – Old Coding
Rah – Old Coding
Mercer a.k.a. jaeger972 – Old Coding
Mark VincentII – Weapon coding
Vinda – Art Base
NoImageAvailable – CE
RT – Weapons inspiration
Ubisoft – Tachanka sounds

  • Hi I got most of your awesome mods. I noticed sometimes one has to be loaded after a particular other like the ghillie suit needing the sas kit loaded before it. With this last update this one is sending an error as it loads … XML error: Could not find parent node named ‘UmbraBaseHumanMakeableGun’ for node ‘ThingDef’. Full node: Gun_SpetzoldRifleSCAR-HSCAR, abbreviated from Special Operations Forcers Combat Assault Rifle is an Murican’ designed rifle. …. I have this loading last but it still can not find the umbrabasehumanmakeablegun. Any advise would be appreciated.
  • hello, I made a guide of how I do textures quite some time ago: I made a template that should help you finish the textures for each body type faster. As for losing detail, I minimise this by starting with the biggest body types first, all explained in the guide.Hope it helps, the .psd I attached is a photoshop file but it can be opened by new versions of gimp, SAI paint tool and other popular image editing software of you don’t have photoshop
  • Hello everyone, I’m leaving this message as an announcement for all of my military kit mods, I will be overhauling the SAS armors so they are no longer one piece and have plans to nerf every armor because they are too bullet proof and are often times more durable than power armor.I will also make the helmets and armor vests craftable at machining table only since I don’t personally like the fact that they change colors depending on material.If anybody at all objects to making the armors and helmets non-colorable then let me know and I will consider leaving it alone. Cheers all!
  • Hey i was wondering do you make texture for each body type from a new each time or do you have some special and more convinient option , im asking bycuse i recently started making stalker mod for the game and since the armors have loads of pouches and stuff is there a way to easily resize them without losing quality ?
  • Just gotta say man your mods are fan-fucking tastic. I’ve only left a comment one other time but I want to know the time you put in for decent artwork into this game is wonderful. I’ve been hoping and praying for someone to introduce like actual modern day uniforms as armor into the game. Before it was just armor plate vanilla, rimsenal vanilla vest, and then straight to power armor. Now we have the in-between!Amazing work! Thank you! (Especially for the CE versions, extra mile man, extra mile.)

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