[1.0] Combat Shields – Unofficial Sci-Fi Addon

MOD Desc
Adds a variety of specialised futuristic shields to ‘Combat Shields’.

The Wedge shield – ‘A cumbersome, heavy duty shield made of advanced alloys and designed to deflect all manner of sharp impacts and projectiles.’ – extra defence against sharp attacks

The blast shield – ‘A heavy shield made of advanced and plasteel nanosprings. Designed to withstand powerful explosions and deadly blunt impacts.’ – extra defence against blunt attacks and explosives

The energy shield – ‘An advanced shield made with Spacer shield emitters and designed defend against any incoming threat while remaining uncumbersome and unobtrusive.’ – good defence against sharp and blunt attacks and very light

  • it kinda works with simple sidearms, it shouldn’t crash or anything, but there’s a problem with the pawns automatically taking shields off when they draw their ranged weapon. It makes enough sense, but the problem is that a pawn with it’s ranged weapon out while undrafted will go endlessly swap shields if there’s any lying around, never equipping one because it goes straight into their inventory. If you’re happy to micro, or don’t keep a stockpile of shields around you should be fine. Maybe having no shields assigned in the outfit’s list and then equipping manually might fix it too.
  • i love this mod, adds a bit more depth to the lacking combat system and allows me to create late game fire lines without looking like my power armour infused army is holding a stick as defence, however i’ve got an issue which is rather ridiculous and im almost certain is just me not being good at navigating menus, i can’t seem to find the right crafting table to be able to build the shields haha, if anyone could drop me a little bit of info id be very appreciative lol
  • these shields (with the exception of the energy one) do negatively effect some stats, including accuracy and reload speed, I would be happy for a a korean translation if you would be so kind as to make one, I have no current plans for new ones but I may add more at a later date, the shields won’t do much for heat damage because the base combat shields don’t either, might change this at a later date
  • hi blake, any chance of a ‘wheeled’ type of strong shield?am kind of imagining a sheel that has wheels on the bottom (so as not to be too much of a burden, but still allowing the wielder or wearer to wheel it forwards towards the enemy, to get good protection but to still be able to close the gap into melee quicker than a very heavy shield? :)i added the suggestion on another shield page but cant remember where lol 🙂
  • noticing an issue with raid creation. Not sure if its your mod or the original. Exception while generating pawn group: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectat Shield.Harmonypatches.PawnHasShieldInInvnetory (Verse.Pawn) at Shield.Harmonypatches.ShieldPatchAddEquipment To fit the character limit I shrank to 3 lines of the error. Can send full error on discord or DM if needed. Looks like the PawnHasShieldInInventory call is mispelled which causes the raid to never form and error logs are written to the output log.
  • One of my pawns has been trying to craft the energy shield for 10 days now.Progress towards building it does not get saved and it takes too long to complete. He almost starves or reaches recreation breaking point and then gives up.If you feel this is balanced correctly, would it be a possibility for you to adjust a ‘required work’ slider in the mod options for those of us that would like to tweak the value?Thank you and best regards.

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