Shield Generators by Frontier Developments

MOD Desc
— This is just an update to 1.2 with climate control. It might still work with RedistHeat or CombatExtended but it is not for sure.
— Let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues and I’ll try my best to fix them.

Allows for the building shield generators. Shields will stop projectiles that try to enter it but allow weapons to be fired out. This includes bullets, rockets, mortar rounds, pods of **any** variety (enemies via drop pods, cargo pods, escape pods, and yes, **your** pods). Shields have low idle power use and high power usage when stopping projectiles. Shield strength is determined from stored battery power. More batteries equals more protection.

– Existing save compatible
– Stop projectiles (bullets, rockets, grenades, mortars, drop pods)
– Shields use a small amount of idle power
– Shield strength is the stored energy on your power net
– Shields generators will heat up as the shields absorb damage and will shut off if they overheat
– Shields come in three sizes:
– small (3m)
– medium (3m – 10m)
– large (5m – 25m)
– The small shield is minifiable and portable and contains an internal battery (1000 Wd, 50% efficient)
– Larger shields can soak more heat before the shield collapses

**Shields Don’t:**
– Stop movement of pawns in or out of the shields
– Stop fires
– Heal people
– Stop fires from explosions from propagating into the shield (Tip: don’t stand near the edge if the bad guy has an incendiary launcher)

– No known mod conflicts

**Optionally Supported Mods:**
– Combat Extended (CE): Use the CE support expansion
– RedistHeat: Cool shields with ducts

Special Thanks to:

JohnnyNova: Code Lead
Jetpack Maniac: Code, documentation
Halno: Building and UI Art
Jaxxa: Inspired this mod from his ED-ShieldsBasic mod
Jdalt40: Update to b19


Lets be honest, this game is not for everyone. Its a single player casual game. So if you are into pvp action, then look elsewhere. With that said, I cant praise this game enough. It has so much depth. No two games are every going to be the same.
One of my first games cought me off guard and I let my chickens go outside in the cold. One of them survived with frost burns and lost its beak. Later the same chicken got cought in a fire and was severly burned and lost its ability to move. I kept it alive as a pet for a while, but realized my survivors were spending to much time feeding and tending it so I put it out of its misery.
Later games put me in a situation where a stampede of elephans rushed past my base, I decided to open fire and killed over 20 of them. I put them all in my freezer and we had elephan and vegetables for years.
The games also puts your up agains raiders. They pose a major threat at higher diffigulty. But there was one raid that was really different. A bunch of raiders came, but far behind the first wave was a raider slower than the rest. So I started reading about his profile. He was a peglegged drunkard with dying kidneys with a severe handover. Gave me a good laugh. 😉
At time of writing I have invested 700+ hours. I’m sure it will be 700 more due to all the workshop content.

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