Thrumbo Milk(1.0)

MOD Desc
Milkable Thrumbos – updated to V1.0; now with fancy xpathing!

This mod merely makes it so tamed, female Thrumbos can be milked every five days, yielding a stack of 75 milk. Previously, this mod reduced the wildness level of Thrumbos to increase their taming chance from 0.66% to 1%. It appears that there has been a change to the taming system and vanilla Thrumbos now have a 1.6% taming chance (assuming a level 20 handler with all their facilities).

To be clear: this mod only enables Thrumbos to be milked.

This game has had me since Alpha 13. One of my buddies gave me the DRM free version of the game to play with with tons of mods and I just fell in love. Go torrenting then paying for good games! Let me preface my review with this simple phrase. This game is great, it truely is, but mods make the game. (At least in my opinion) So my review will be with mods included.

I think this game is wonderful, the UI is great, combat is fun and, surviving is a challenge. I don’t get bored of this game because there’s so much to do. So many different avenues you can take to reach endgame. And once you do reach end game, there’s still more to do! Even then, you probably won’t survive to reach other end game goals. Now since they added planet sites and locations, you can take your colonists to raid other bases around you and make more colonies!

Quick look: 2-D, better UI, less depth Dwarf Fortress.

Replayability over 9000
Very fun, I almost can’t describe it, it’s just so fun.
Indepth character’s stats and medical history.
UI is EASY to use, super EASY.

( I play on the extreme Chillax AI so it gets slow every once in a while.)
I rage whenever one of my guys dies…It’ll happen a lot.
Getting my people to do what I want exactly when I want it, doesn’t always happen. That’s more on my end because I have a lot of people doing multiple jobs, still an issue thought.

This is now fixed:
(Builds, roof 1 tile on east base, runs back to plant 1 potato plant on west base runs back…)

Look, sorry this is a review, I just love RimWorld so much! I’m going to be late to class if I keep typing, I’ll write more later. Good bye RimWorld!!!

1000 Hour Review.
This is just a wonderful game. With all the mods. gtg, I got distracted okay? It’s a great game with the mods.

Addicting, immersive, and well supported by the Devs and especially the modding community, Rimworld has been in development for the past five years, and just from playing the ‘Vanilla version’ you can easily see the extensive amount of work that has been put into this game. But what makes this game easily stand out from all the other ‘Early Access’ survival or management games is the extensive amount of free mods that are available in Steam Workshop ranging from ‘quality of life’ mods (e.g. improved lighting, hauling and stacking, or interface options) to more-or-less expansions of the vanilla game (e.g. psychology, children and pregnancy, an advanced ‘Glitter Technology’ mod, and more).

While I recommend that new players begin by playing the Vanilla version of Rimworld for a few hours to familiarize themselves with the base game, once you’ve done that then the sky’s the limit as far as how far you want to tweak your game.

Wanna get swarmed by disasters and raids?

Wanna build that dream colony where nothing ever goes wrong?

Wanna try out both with one group of colonists (that you can also edfit using the ‘Careful Prep’ mod)?

Between the scenario settings, dev mode, and the hundreds of mods available for this game, you will likely spend as many hours toying around with the different settings as you’ll be spending building and managing your colony.

Thirty dollars may sound a little steep for an Early Access game, but if you love playing any kind of management or survival game, then you’ll spend more than enough hours in Rimworld to justify the price tag (and considering that there are no paid DLC’s or micro-transactions, even more so!). There is ALOT to learn – and manage – in Rimworld, but if you don’t mind doing that, then you won’t regret buying this game.


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