Adeptus Mechanicus: Xenobiologis (Playable Orkoids)

MOD Desc
RimWorld 1.0 & 1.1 Adds plyable Warhammer 40k Orks
Requires new start or a faction manager mod to have faction bases on the world map.

This mod includes a compatability patch for the latest version of Combat Extended. Thanks for the assistance Saebbi!

An Ork or Grot is Required to Build and research Ork Teknologies

Contents Races:
Orks – Humanlike
Grots – Humanlike
Snotlings – Advanced Animal
Squigs – Animal

Ork Armour
Ork ‘Eavy Armour
Ork Mega Armour

Stikkbomb Packs (Frag, Krak, Tankbusta)

Orkoid Fungus – the symbiotic fungus that is essential the orkoid ecosystem, it is a source of food, Squigs, Snotlings, Grots and Orks
Orkoid Cocoons

Ork Crafting Supplies
Ork Fermenting Barrel (Many Thanks to the CuproPanda’s Drinks Team Cupro, Kubouch, and dismarzero for their Fermenting code)

Orkoid Fungus – a food
Ork Waart – made from Orkoid Fungus and used for brewing Grog
Ork Grog – Orkish alcohol….
Ork Bitz – basic orkish crafting material
Ork Komponent – Orkish components

Symbiotic Fungus – All Orkoids originate from the same strain of fungal spores, which can mature into a might warboss, or a tiny mushroom.

Snotling Workers – With Walking Problem’s Advanced Animal Framework loaded Before this mod, when fully trained Snotlings will do basic tasks such as cleaning, hauling, tending animals, planting and harvesting crops

Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury R1.0

While not a Required Item, it will expand snotling utilities
Advanced Animal Framework

Other Versions
B19 Version HERE
Feral Orkz ONLY!

Other Playable Races

Adeptus Mechanicus: Magos Xenobiologis (Playable Tau)

Adeptus Mechanicus: Magos Xenobiologis (Playable Eldar)

you have my full permission to rebalance/patch/translate this mod, just please link back to the original 🙂
This does Not include reuploading it on other websites without my Express Permissions.

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Midasnot a bother at all good sir!Ah, i see, im afraid due to all the mods im working on i havent actually had a chance to play the DLC quite yet, thanks for letting me know, will look into the royale clothing issue when i have a minuite or two free.No, thats not a ‘bug’ per say, i use the vanilla bodytypes, so all gear should be able to be worn by any race that uses the vanilla bodytypes, i could probobly prevent the orkz from being able to wear the eldar gear, im just not sure if its a change that people would enjoy or not, as im sure theres Someone somewhere who wants their orkz to wear that gearNone of the gear in the mods is classed as fitting for nobles, until you mentioned it i was unaware it was a thing, which is something i will need to rectify, so once again, thank you for letting me know, it is much appreciated!

Same problem with Satou. Can’t interract with objects unless drafted.Some error message:Could not find a type named JobDriver_FillOrkFermentingBarrelVerse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.ParseHelper:FromString(String, Type)Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXml(XmlNode, Boolean)Could not find a type named JobDriver_TakeGrogOutOfOrkFermentingBarrelVerse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.ParseHelper:FromString(String, Type)Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXml(XmlNode, Boolean)Could not find a type named WorkGiver_TakeGrogOutOfOrkFermentingBarrelVerse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.ParseHelper:FromString(String, Type)Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXml(XmlNode, Boolean)Could not find a type named WorkGiver_FillOrkFermentingBarrelVerse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.ParseHelper:FromString(String, Type)Verse.DirectXmlToObject:ObjectFromXml(XmlNode, Boolean)

that is interesting, i wonder if perhaps part of the issue is how restricted orkz are with work types, i dont suppose your also using the Advanced animal Framework, so that snotlings can work for you?, i havent tested that with CE(i havent actually used CE myself when i do play).with my current ork survivors start that ive been playtesting as you can see, i have few meals, but a metric fuckton of fungus and foodstuffsive double checked the race stats and i dont see anything that should be increasing the amount they eat.however it might jsut be the scenario is overly difficult due to the food settings its also possible that something ive done elsewhere has inadvertently caused them to require more food than normal, but if thats the case im at a loss as to where/what it might be.

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