SS Bigger Batteries

MOD Desc
Oops… Steam didn’t update the mod properly…

V.1.1 No impressive heading because they’re just batteries.
Fixed a bug where the short circuit incident wouldn’t fire without vanilla batteries in the same circuit.

Bigger Batteries. Use them for mass storage of power, as a large power source, or just to show off your colony. Be aware of short circuits.

Allows you to build 4 different types of batteries: 4k, 16k, 64k and 256k. The 64k battery is waterproof, and the 256k battery doesn’t break down at all.

Also try SS Bigger Fuses!

This is a tremendous game folks, absolutely incredible you better believe it. And trust me I know video-games, I’ve been studying video-games for along time, I know the in’s and out’s and believe me this game has it all. And you know you’ll have some people that will complain saying ‘oh trump is only 2d, oh blah blah blah’, but you can forget them. They don’t know things the way I know things. And I’m telling you right now this game has not only what you’ve been looking for, but things you didn’t even know you wanted. And look you know with other reviews, well you can’t really trust them. I mean who’s to say they aren’t taking money from the developers or the chinese, am I right? Well you see I’m a billionare, I have alot of money, and I’m not just saying that too brag. But it’s true i’m really really rich if you haven’t heard. You see I pull the strings, I’ve been on the other side of the fence. You can believe what I say, cause I don’t take money from donors because folks I’m rich. I mean I could take the money, there’s so much money, believe me so much. But I don’t want it, it’s worthless to me. And the things is you can’t get that with the other reviewers, just can’t trust them folks. So believe me when I tell you this game is exactly what this country needs. Trust me, I wouldn’t be saying it otherwise folks, and you can believe me on that. You’re going to love it and it’s going to be huge folks. more then huge really. So go ahead and buy it now, because I can’t guarantee that it will always be for sale, I’m sorry I just can’t make that promise. I don’t like to make promises I can’t keep folks, I’m sorry it’s true. So everyone now ‘USA! USA! BUY RIMWORLD! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’! Trust me folks, you will not regret. You will not regret it one bit.

Pros, in greentext format:
>be me
>want to try develop perfect clone army
>want said army to be controlled by a single dictator
>download cloning mod
>find clone exploit to make dozens of the same individual
>method involves killing and reviving the same individual over and over again
>capture and recruit ideal person
>focus all production capabilities on making enough money to buy resurrector serum
>clone pawn dozens of times
>purge all non-clone colonists except for the boss
>faces massive wave of pirates (100+ raiders)
>for every clone killed, two more from reserves takes its place
>collect raider corpses for organ harvesting
>sell organs and raider equipment to buy more resurrector serum
>the cycle repeats itself

TL;DR, you can basically do any and everything in this game, given the right mods, of which there are thousands

Cons, also in greentext:
>Launch game, takes 10 minutes to load onto main screen
>20% chance game crashes when trying to load a game
>load game, crashes after you zoom out too quickly
>try to dispatch raid team to a pirate base, crashes on planet load
>reload game, another 10 minutes go by
>okay so let’s try researching something
>crashes on research screen load
>reload game
>try to start new game
>crashes on planet generation
>have 75 crash logs in rimworld folder from past two months alone
>exercise out of frustration
>now much more fit than before

TL;DR rimworld will crash about a billion times as you play it
I would know after having put over 1,500 hours into it

11/10 would abuse clone mechanic again

My first group of colonists starved to death. I hadn’t counted on a crop blight…every season…right as my crops were ready to harvest…

My second group were too busy harvesting the crops a little bit early to research air conditioning before a heat wave struck. The dogs managed to drag them all back to their beds, where they died.

My third group decided to try and hunt the valuable thrumbos for their horns, not realizing that the thrumbos could kill them all in one hit.

But my fourth group, my fourth group got lucky with lots of wanderers and raiders willing to join the colony. I begged, bartered, and stole for enough materials, and after 4 years was able to launch and escape.

I now have a deep empathy for the dictators of the world, whose peasant followers couldn’t be content with the plenty of food, heat, and shelter. ‘Loyal’ followers who insisted on ever nicer clothing and luxuries, and when they get everything they want they still get in fights and smash the arms off of the only doctor I have. Who bond with animals they lack the skill to handle, and then go on murderous rampages when I won’t ‘give’ them the animal.

There isn’t a single colonist I wouldn’t intentionally strand out in the cold as a sacrafice to the bears and the wolves.

Is the colony in desperate need of that food hauled 4 feet into the freezer? Sure, go for a walk or stare at the clouds instead! That’d be great!

This game is amazing. I would like some three dimensionality, even two story living quarters would be helpful. Or at least a guard tower so I can ‘man the walls.’

I’d also like to be able to turn off certain elements. I find the constant onslaught of rabid animals to be an unwelcome distraction.

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