Zeta Reticulans

MOD Desc
The classic alien menace and scourge of humanity we all know and fear have finally arrived, rejoice! (A mod by me: GarbageDayIsHereToStay, click for my other aliens)

Cold and mechanical Zeta Reticulans are unaffected by most human-like emotions. Their frustrations mostly stem from whether work standards are being kept and mission guidelines followed; Their greatest joy is working in their field of expertise.

A bulleted list for you to read! -Adds Zeta Reticulans AKA ‘Greys’, AKA ‘Real Jerks’ as a playable race / low spawn rate hostile faction- a new threat similar to mechanoids in difficulty.

-Get a colony wide mood boost from organ harvesting and butchering humanlike! Feel set-back when prisoners are released! Seriously these guys are jerks!

A special eye based melee attack that’ll permanently cripple and has it’s own set of special combat descriptors. Warp your enemy’s atoms by locking eyes on their lungs or peer into their big toe ala quentin tarantino. You can only cure it’s negative long terms effects with luciferium, healer mech serum or by using mods that add regeneration items. (It’s only applied by damage and DOESN’T progress over time like cancer, so it’s not a death sentence)

-A minimum & maximum comfy temperature of -5c~15c (Human=16c~26c) and slightly more punishing moodlets for being hot will change up gameplay a bit. In warmer climates you’ll need to pump AC into your gray alien base until it’s at least as cold as a new mexican office building unless you want their big powerful brains overheating.

-Tiny guys with big ol’ noggins:
Life expectancy of 300 years
Research tech and learn skills 50% faster than humans
20% Increase to medical tend quality and operation success chances
20% increased chance to successfully complete construction
Higher pain threshold
A base hungry rate 40% that of humans
Often rolls one-two non-crappy artificial body parts
Less negative emotions in most cases
Larger mood boosts from working their passions
Don’t care about room size and can sleep in tiny, tiny bedrooms. Like closet vampires.
‘Recreation’ ‘comfort’ and ‘outside’ bars don’t give negative moodlets and can be ignored (Importantly they don’t seek out joy activities when the bar is low; Takes C# to remove them off the ui though, some day this’ll get done.)

Maintaining a supply chain of humanlike and getting the most out of your abductees is crucial
Stockpiling medicine for surgeries is even more important than normal
Base body size 80% humans
Base health 0.8
Mining speed of 0.6
Construction speed of 0.8
Plant work speed of 0.8
Immunity gain of 0.85
Hate sleeping in shared rooms and get real cranky from disturbed sleep (Locks mod)
Move slightly slower than humans
Eat at 60% the speed of normal humans (tiny weak, baby mouths)
Strong eye gaze makes berserk mental breaks more deadly

-Bugs are back on the menu boys! also humans.. as long as you cook ’em both first. Heck, they’ll even eat the meat right off the bio-asset without too much a fuss. However their alien taste-buds are weak and pitiful and despite their precious science they’ll never know the pleasure of a fine meal or the joy to be had from a lavish piece of corn.

-Unique, vanilla looking guns that only drop off NPC Zeta and have a high chance of being bio-coded:
Gel Applicator: Stage one, find bio-assets; Stage two, warm liquid goo phase. Immobilizes enemies AND leaves slowing goo you can use to prepare defenses or cover your retreats.
Retinal Scrambler: Fry their grapes good with this dual pulse dazzler. The damage is only 4 a pulse and the blindness will wear off over time so work fast.
Anodyne Injector: It’s fully automatic rate of fire makes this short ranged tranq gun a relaxing time for all and a good way to deal with your own mental breaks.
Control Cestus: Shoots a burst of very short ranged control gel over enemies and then applies more gel on their face when you punch it.
Aggression Cannon: A long ranged mortar that lobs coded energy to hijack an enemies biology and turn them rude.
Heat Lance: Warm up your cold alien cockles with plasma orbs that set things alight and add a slight bit of heat stroke every time they hit.
Voltage Device: Grenades that partially ~stun~, and have a small chance of causing an achy breaky heart attack.

-Make them bleed grey blood and wound grey wounds. Wow!

-No alien only space beds, no alien only space weed, no alien tech tree to clog your menus.

-Very evil & spooky back canon which involves lots and lots of custom descriptions for moods and that’ll be built upon patch after patch, relentlessly. Super!

-Works well with Harvest Everything!, Questionable Ethics and has custom alien moodlets for Dubs Bad Hygiene + Harvest Organs Post Mortem. I’ll do what I can if you report issues or request alien support for a mod. Not going to touch combat extended though.

SayruZ has made his own set of Russian translations for this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2056710964

__________________________________________________________________________ Non-steam DL link (Kept up to date, upvote workshop maybe though?):
https://github.com/GarbageDayIsHereToStay/Zeta-Reticulans (May 2020 patch onwards)
(If you’re uploading the mod to one of those dastardly 3rd party sites like BigAssMODsFORYOU2GoWild4 know that it’ll be updated on the regular, so use this workshop page or this github as the dl link)

Mods take a lot of chicken tendies, love, and care to make so if you want to ‘Make my day’ you can call me handsome and strong in the comments below or if you want to give me your totally useless fiat currency so i can ‘exchange’ it for ‘goods’ and ‘services’ then click hither[ko-fi.com]

  • I uploaded a tiny fix onto github ‘ZR_Race’ is the specific .xml; Disabled the ‘needsex’ thought altogether (core game’s ‘gotlovin’ was already disabled). All the other thoughts have been left alone since i didn’t notice any that caused issues like that one.Problem is that zetas use a custom a.i thought tree so they won’t seek out joy, some mods that add really unique automatic jobs like RJW need the thought tree to be named the same as a humans. Dub’s bad hygiene is the only other mod i know that adds new automatic jobs like that (It’s fully supported btw).I took a crack at patching it so Zetas did sex stuff but it’s trickier then DUB’s and you’d be surprised how many hours figuring out something like this can eat up and since no sex fits fluff anyway and busy working on another mod atm this will have to do for a few weeks. I’ll see what else i can do in the future, maybe make it so the worst needsex debuff is a neutral 0 so you can still boost positive in hero mode
  • Direct from the code: label>prisoner sold description>A bio-asset has been sold off. The funds will serve the co-op in it’s goals. baseMoodEffect>3 label>prisoner released description>We released a healthy bio-asset, what a waste of material. baseMoodEffect>-5 label>someone’s organ harvested description>The co-op harvested material from a bio-asset. This will aid in our research. baseMoodEffect>5 label>colonist’s organ harvested description>The co-op harvested material from a bio-asset. This will aid in our research. baseMoodEffect>5And i currently have it so they don’t care AT ALL about what they eat (raw, corpse,etc) but I’ve decided it feels to easy so i’m changing it so they care at least a little about eating low quality food/corpses. The fluff will be that they’re strictly worried about digestion, not the morality of the action.
  • Weapons don’t factor into raids like that; Every pawn in the game has a premade range of items it can spawn with, then a flat number is assigned to the pawn based on whatever the developer’s prerogative. The game generates a number from your wealth+colonists+etc and sends an amount of pawns at you based off that. Basically the large raids are because i lean towards harder raids as personal preference and I want them to feel threatening to you, Joe player, Its part of the reason they have a low spawnrate. To clear up the ‘They have no value’ bit, thats bio-coding, which makes the majority of zeta drops useless unless you smelt them. All weapons have market values stats ranging from 1000-4000, so if you find one that’s not bio-coded you’ll be able to sell it. One issue you may run into is keeping bio-coded weapons around as loot, i’m not sure how the game is factoring those into wealth. It could be raids are noticeably stronger because you’re keeping expensive, biocoded guns around
  • It’s to early to add official translation work as part of this mod; I’m still finalizing descriptions, making alien weapons, and adding new thoughts. Coordinating my updates with other people adds a lot of extra work for me at this point in the mod’s life since it’s undergoing a lot of content updates and balance changes.If you’d like to release it on the steam workshop as a language patch that you maintain under your own name that would be fine as long you add the translations through a patch operation and make it clear you’re not a dev on the mod and it’s something you’re maintaining on your own as a dude who enjoys an alien here and there.I would recommend you hold off on that though since i’ve already got a lot of new changes and text alterations written for next patch (Up to you though; If you don’t update the translation then that’s on you. I wash my hands of it from here)Thanks for enjoying the aliens and i hope you don’t find this disheartening
  • Tentatively i’m going to say that i’m not going to soften the effects of the stare (maybe to make combat death a little less likely -but not to weaken the wholebody hediff ) . I want engaging in melee with these dudes to feel like a mistake you’ll have pay for long term. Feels fun to balance fragile bodies with melee deadliness to create a sort high risk/ high reward glass cannon. I also want to convey how serious this type of internal damage is and how traditional types of medicine can’t do much for it. No fear though! There are other mods that’ll add late game medical solutions for you.According to the comments this ‘dermal’ regenerator work on all hediffss: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731730828&searchtext=regenerator Theres also this one that looks pretty well done: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1554012670&searchtext=regenerator and I know theres a bunch others that offer hediff healing through other methods too

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