Artful Robots [B18]

MOD Desc
Gone are the days where your builder bots destroy furniture in a fit of binary rage upon realization that they do not have a name!

Fixes issues with unnamed pawns creating art, especially on furniture items.
– Named Pawns will still create art with a proper Author
– Unnamed Pawns such as Robots (or animals, if such a mod is created) will create art with the Author set to ‘Unknown’
– MiscRobots ++ compatibility patches
— Static Quality Plus;

— No More Random Build Quality

Updated to B18 I have updated the mod configuration to reflect the B18 update. This should still function in A17 without any issues aside from version mismatch errors.

Requirements HugsLib required.

Technical Details: When a pawn (such as a robot) creates an item which contains art (such as a dining chair) the base game passes through a function which attempts to apply logic to the pawn’s name. This patch has tweaked that function slightly so that if the Pawn’s name is null (I mean come on, even my roomba is named ‘Gadget’, you heartless savages!), it stops the function without causing an Object reference error.

If you’ve experienced an object reference error resulting in furniture being destroyed and resources lost after a Builder Bot has completed his job, this patch is for you!

Patch assists: – Miscellaneous Robots:
– Robots ++:

Thanks to: – alaestor for creating Misc Robots ++ and answering questions
Haplo for creating Miscellaneous Robots
UnlimitedHugs for creating Hugslib (and subsequently doing most of the C# work for me!)

This game has been tempting me for well over a year. The positive reviews made me curious and I wanted to try it out, but the high price and the fear that it looked much too much like prison architect (which I already had) stopped me.

One day after reading again why it will likely never go on steam sale, I bit the bullet and bought the game. Within minutes I regretted it…

Dumped on a planet, it seemed a lot like prison architect but just with nothing to do and awful western music constantly playing which I hated 🙁

Having spent that much money I persevered longer than I would have with a budget game, and it is a good job I did!

The strength of this game is the mod community. Don’t like the music? Gone and replaced with some LOTR music. Gameplay too simple? Install some mods and make it more complex.

According to Steam I’m on 117hrs played now and I hardly feel I’ve really started with it. This is the kind of game you play for hours, days, weeks on a single game and don’t ever get bored.

I’m so glad it costs so much else I would never have bothered with mods and just closed it and gone on to play something else

Words cannot express how amazing this game is. I’m not kidding, this is one of the most open-ended and infinitely enjoyable video games I have ever played. There’s so much to do in just the vanilla game alone, but with a workshop that’s still incredibly active, you’ll never get bored. This is a game where you can create a drug cartel that keeps its slaves that work the fields high and complacent. This is a game where you can set a band of raiders on fire in a killbox. This is a game where shooting an inconspicuous little animal can blow you up. There’s so much that can happen in this game, it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to get bored.

Besides the gameplay mechanics, this game’s graphics and soundtrack are ON POINT. They’re perfect. The visuals are simple yet descriptive, beautiful yet not distracting, and a joy to look at. The music is atmospheric and well-composed, and you’ll find yourself enjoying listening to a cutesy folkish song while harvesting organs from your prisoners.

Overall, this game is a complete 10/10. This game sets a standard for how future games should be designed; never boring, with there always being something to do.

Rimworld is like that friend where you meet maybe once a year, and through-out that year all you remember is really good memories of him. He’s a charming man, has a bright future, nice looking girlfriend, makes a decent wage, helps in the community. all in all, hes a top citizen. But when he make sthe time to meet up with you for coffee, you realize he is a twisted man. under his mask of kindess and rainbows he likes to drown puppies, push old ladies down stairs, set fire to orphanages, and shoplift from ma and pa stores.

Yet he’s a really swell guy in all other aspects. Very charismatic. Probably a psychopath. But he’s just such a nice dude.

This is what Rimworld is. At one moment your colony is on the top of the world, with machine gun defences, a valley of food to eat, a top of the line hospital and colonists to spare.

Then in the next breath the world you created is being torn a shred with the power of a hundred angry gods with fire, death and destruction raining from the heavens as your colonists beg for death.

Then its rainbows and happiness as you pick flowers for your colonists sweetheart.

Its a pretty good game

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