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MOD Desc
This is a simple mod that increases the amount of quests the storytellers give you. By default you should get 2 quests within 12 days or 1-3 quests in 12 days for Randy. This mod doubles it so you should receive 4 quests within 12 days for all storytellers including Randy.

Compatibility/Load Order
This mod uses patching to modify all storytellers so it should be compatible even with mod added storytellers if they have a section for quests using StorytellerCompProperties_RandomQuest like vanilla storytellers. Simply load this mod after your storyteller mods.

If you want to change the frequency of quests very easy to do. You will however have to redo your changes if the mod is updated. You can find the mod located under


The file you need to edit is located under the Patches folder. Simply open the file in notepad and you’ll be able to modify it. Inside you’ll find 3 paragraphs of text, each for a different setting. I don’t know the exact function of these settings so this is what I think is correct. The onDays setting is the time span setting you will receive numIncidentsRange quests within this time span at a minimum of minSpacingDays. The minSpacingDays must be small enough that your numIncidentsRange fits within the onDays.

For instance you can’t have 5 events trigger within 2 days if they must have a minimum of one day between. If you try to do that the game will throw an error. For minSpacingDays the lowest I’ve seen is 0.1 which should be no more than a few hours between events.

For daily quests use the following settings onDays 1, numIncidentsRange 1, minSpacingDays 0.5.

  • would suggest you get the mods Large Prison Camp and Large Outpost if you haven’t so you have some extra combat related world quests. You can find them in the attached collection. With those two and my mod I get more than enough combat related world quests.If you’re so eager for bandit outposts specifically though you can always edit your saves scenario settings so you get a regular one. Start a new game with the scenario settings you want, save it, open that save and your existing one in notepad then search for . Then just copy the appropriate segment over to your existing save. Make sure you backup your saves beforehand just in case.There’s a hard limit of I think 3 bandit camps on the world map. So new ones won’t spawn unless those are cleared. So even if the rewards are garbage you’ll have to clear them so better ones spawn or wait them out.
  • Right now I can’t tell if its my mod or the game causing issues. As far as I can tell nothing has changed in the updates as to how it needs to be patched and even if it did it should throw some errors. As far as I know quests now only trigger once you hit a certain wealth threshold.I also found this on reddit. It looks like there could be a bug that jams the incident queue but that should be affecting normal events as well. https://www.reddit.com/r/RimWorld/comments/ful69x/dead_storytelling/fmfv9k2/ R’lyeh Best show?Check my comment below I think it might be wealth related. If not it could be a game bug. I would suggest removing my mod and see if you get any quests within 1-12 days. As for daily quests if you follow the instructions you can change the values as follows.onDays 1numIncidentsRange 1minSpacingDays 0.5
  • Is there any way to control the split between the empire favour quests, other quests, and world incidents? I remember in 1.0 this mod simply increased the number of incidents on the map because that was before the whole quest system became like it has, and lately all I get are the empire favour quests. Which using your settings of 1/1/0.5 produces quests fairly quickly, and I am getting a range of quest difficulties, so seems that’s all working fine there. I just want the other stuff to happen more often again, otherwise mods like Go Explore and More Events and the like barely get noticed
  • the quest system being added in 1.1 all existing stuff like item stashes, bandit camps ect were moved to quests. The old way world incidents still exists in the game but seems to be generally unused. Since everything is using quests and its really easy to patch I switched to only modifying the quests. The mods that add new events for whatever reason are still using the old way so they aren’t affected by the mod to increase the frequency.As for splitting quest types I can’t really do that. I could increase some quests to pop up more but then others would pop up less as a result.If your getting a good range of quest difficulties on those settings perhaps I had a really bad string of RNG.
  • you by any chance playing a new game? I just started a new game recently and found that I didn’t get quests for a long time. I actually have my game setup so I get daily quests. I think one of the patches changed it so the minimum quest reward is $250 so I think its due to wealth being too low. If that’s not the case maybe try disabling my mod and see if you start getting quests it should take 1-12 days by the default numbers.There was some changes to the preset quests so they fire much later. From the storyteller file. Ship Escape minimum 20 days, Royal Ascent minimum 35 days and Royalty Intro minimum 8 days.
  • I had issues with using patching so I had to switch it to overwriting the defs themselves. As a result it only works with the vanilla 3 storytellers. Only a few minor things were changed so you could easily do it for any custom storyteller if you wanted. You can find mods under the following locationSteamsteamappsworkshopcontent294100MODIDNUMBERThe MODIDNUMBER is simply the number sequence that appears in a workshop url page. Go under the defs you should find a folder or file for storytellers. Open it in notepad and you can make some changes.Under the category I made the following changes150.1811

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