Sparkling Worlds Addon – More Events – Standalone Addon

MOD Desc
This is intended as an optional add-on for the Sparkling Worlds Core Mod but also works on it’s own as a stand-alone.
This is incompatible with the Sparkling Worlds Full Mod!

The Sparkling Worlds Full Mod contains all features including this one.

The main feature are additional events:

Spaceship crash – A spaceship crashes near your colony. Send a caravan to investigate. In the wreckage you might find riches and dangers. Beware, others might want to disrupt your salvage operation.

Thrumbo sighting – A herd of Thrumbos gather nearby. Kill or tame them.

Doctor request – The presence of a doctor was requested at a campsite, sending a good doctor will result in an increase of goodwill for that faction.

Psychic emitter activation – An ancient emitter activats and produces a powerful drone. Either go out and destroy it or endure the drone until the emitter shuts down again.

Trade fair – Some caravan traders are gathering nearby to trade. Go out and trade with multiple caravans at once.

Infested ship chunks – Bugs from space! Some infested ship chunks fall down near your colony. They act like normal insect hives.

Hunting lodge – Get a nearby site that already has facilities to sleep, cook and butcher present. There is also a herd of animals to hunt.

Weapons cache pods – Some drop pods land on your map but instead of resources they contain weapons.

Forum thread with more details:


There was an addition to the world object def. Apparently event sites can now be raided. Since the code checks for that comp every time once the site is generated, it has to be added to the comp list of the def or you get the error because the code can’t find it.Technically it’s bad programming from Rimworlds side but it’s an easy fix on my end once you figure it out (which took me long enough).

hmm i’m having an issue with this mod, rather the events from this mod trigger and spawn icons on the world map but when you send a caravan (by land or using pods) the caravan simply gets deleted without notification and the location vanishes. The game attempts to gen the map but simply stops and deletes everything involved.i’ll try to move the mod to the bottom of the mod list to see if it helps then reload the game. will let you know if it helps, it will most probably a mod conflict. but which one i have no idea.

after doing some fiddling i’ve found that the main problem is actually with Recon and Discovery Mod, every event site in that mod just tries to gen a map but then deletes the location and your pawns in the caravan there.this oddly seems to be bleeding into your mod here, if i remove that mod things go fine. So its probably nothing in your mod that’s the problem but probably something that may be worth you knowing about ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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