Jabbamonkey’s Graphic Overhaul

MOD Desc

I’ve seen alot of comments about people asking for an update to this mod. I am happy to revise any of the graphics, but don’t have time to learn and redo the programming aspects of the mod every time there is an update (it’s not my specialty). So, if someone wants to collaborate and do the coding side of things (it’s a small amount of work for someone who knows what they are doing), then send me a message. I’m also happy to help expand the graphic pack and create more…

Graphic replacements for many items in RimWorld. Items include (but are not limited to) …

— Meals (i.e. Simple Meal)
— Steel, Plasteel, Gold, Silver, Jade
— Cloth, Leather, Devilstrand
— Farmed crops (i.e. corn, potatoes, rice)
— Drugs and Medicine
— Body Part and Implants now all have their own graphics (they aren’t all just a generic box anymore)
— Workbenches (i.e. butcher table, nutrient dispenser, kitchen stove)
— Sculptures – A large collection of statues and sculptures.
— User Interface buttons – Now full color graphic buttons.
— Misc. Textures (i.e. Hive)
— Texture replacements for other mods, including: VGP More Veggies, VGP Garden Fabrics, VGP Garden Medicine, VGP Vegetable Garden, VGP Garden Gourmet, Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering

In the future:
I hope to redo all the growing plants/crops and trees. This may take some time though.

Installtion Instruction:
Just subscribe/install the mod. If you are using any of the other mods mentioned above, then load this mod AFTER all the other mods (place it at the end of the list).

This mod should be compatible with MOST other mods. It is currently having issues with some medical mods, where the other mod replaces the standard ‘body part’ box image with custom graphics. Working on the forums to get a fix…
In general, this mod uses xpathing to ONLY replace/add textures and texture paths (and adds masks), it does not change any other def information. If a texture doesn’t exist, then this mod wont replace it. If an object exists, then it will ONLY change the texture (although it may add new texture info). If you find any issues, please post those issues (clearly, with a full explanation) in this mod’s discussion section.
Note: This mod does NOT replace textures in EVERY other mods. If you install another mod, and expect this mod to automatically change the graphics in it, it probably wont. This mod only changes select graphics from the default game, and the graphics for a few other mods (see the list above).

Thanks to kwang4 who helped with alot of the xpathing.

  • – This graphic overhaul doesn’t touch anything within Dub’s Bad Hygiene, so there should be no problems with the two mods running together. Dub’s Bad Hygiene adds a bunch of ‘water and sewer’ items to the game that we don’t touch. Note: this is a graphic overhaul, but it doesn’t change ALL graphic in EVERY mod that exists.
  • If you’re already replacing so many images, you might as well optimize them while you’re at it. I ran it though PNGGauntlet and shaved 708.38KB from it. Every pixel is identical still (lossless optimization) but images will load faster and use less RAM. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5e349rytn7ks8k1/Jabbamonkey_graphicOverhaul.7z?dl=0 And of course I’ll delete that link the moment you ask me to without need for explanation.
  • Author, can you make an alternative to this mod, which does the very same things, except changing the UI buttons? One, while I appreciate your redesign of every item, I’m used to the vanila UI button images, and it’s harder to find the right button. Two, look at this https://imgur.com/a/iGboKad . The zone by terrain buttons are from a different mod but images are based on vanila, and your mod does not affect them.
  • Jabbamonkey [author]You think you have figured out how to address the issues with RBSE? You have an updated version which does this?But it looks like the latest mod update was Dec 30, 2018. Since your last post ws July of 2019, does that mean you forgot to release an updated version with this fix?
  • I’m not a fan of the UI elements. The designators from the orders/zones menus, etc. The items in the mod look clean, but there’s just way too much going on in each of the UI icons for the orders and zones categories. I finally just deleted the UI folder in the mod.Although the icons looked cool, there wasn’t any single theme holding them together. They were a hodgepodge of styles and colors. Some were 3D, some looked kinda cell-shaded, some looked like clipart. Whats more, none of those themes fit with any of the other icons in the game.I like the idea of a mod that improves the UI elements of the game, but (imho) the UI icons felt tacked on to the other (better) parts of this mod.I was using the 1.1 version posted by Mlie, a few comments before mine.

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