Rimscavenger Kit

MOD Desc
Adds good raiders weapon and clothing
This weapon is especially useful at the beginning of the game, since it can be made of wood + steel having studied only 1 technology

SMG and AK more advanced weapons for them will have to learn more and

Mod does not require new save.

Is compatible with multiplayer mod.

• P.S. I do not like weapons and clothing of other mods. I decided to make my personal weapons and clothes to use in the game. This mod has long been only for my friends and at some point I decided to publish it. Maybe someone will like it too.
When creating this mod, I was inspired by the MAD MAX universe as well as the games Rust, Fallout.

To create such weapons is still required –


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Reliable Ushanka

Have fun!


Been playing this game as it grew up. Just checked and I have 361 hours in this game! It’s amazing how far it has come. Congrats Tynan! You did it. Find the time to take a break after launch. You earned it bud. And Sincerely, Thank you Tynan for the spectacular game.

It’s the ultimate management game that tests your morality. It truely gives you the options to freely choose the path as your colony grows. You could setup a honest frontier outpost, farming/hunting to sustain survival. You could focus on making money through their talents and create masterworks of furniture and art.

You could turn to the life of having your colony provide arms and armor to those that need it. Or even make yourself into a military power and take out your neighbors.

You could fund this war machine by growing illegal drugs and taking advantage of the black market. But, why stop there! Sell your enemies, no, chop up your enemies for parts and make more money that way. Release your enemies back to win favor, only after giving them peg legs and removing their ability to speak.

That’s not enough…

Don’t release your enemies. FARM THEM, CHOP THEM, COOK THEM!

Now. Feed them to more prisoners! Wear their skins as hats and make them into chairs! Make those that appose you rue the day that they decided to attack your empire.

As you enjoy your life of power and destruction, know this. It will be ripped away.

By manhunting turtles, a sleepy plague, natural disasters, or just the incredible harshness of the land and that of Randy. Rimworld will find a way.

Oh, you could try to escape and build a ship.

But, why?

You need more hats………..

Phoebe “Pheebs” Phoenix, 45, was just a normal starship janitor, when she was taken in for a ‘routine operation…” She awoke days (?) later, naked and alone in a hostile desert environment… Probing herself, she found a horrible scar on her lower back that had not been there before. Her kidney had been removed.

She survived alone for days, eeking out a brutal, hard existence out among the sand and rocks, drawing on her childhood as a orphan of the great war, scrounging for food until she build a small shelter – enough to survive. Life was hard, but she managed. She refused to harm any living beasts, haunted as she was by the carnage she witnessed as a child.

Then one day, a massive, injured warg stumbled into her camp. His back leg and tail had been bitten off, his left eye was torn out. He collapsed on the ground, and taking pity on the ravaged beast, Pheebs nursed him back to health, and named him Nicholai after her long lost brother. The next morning, she received a distress call from a frantic survivor – this poor young woman was being chased by a maniacal doctor, who had kept her in cryostasis for year and year. Nicholai, even in his weakened state, was able to rescue the girl, and kill the doctor who pursued her.

After time to rest and recuperate, the girl introduced herself as Briana “Bree” Phoenix, 18 biological years old. The DNA profile she presented proved to Pheebs a startling, unbelievable truth. Bree – 18, was her biological mother. She had been imprisoned in an induced coma for over 200 years, forced to birth many children whom she had never met, and was now – finally – reunited with her own daughter … who was almost 30 years older than she was.

That was my first 30 mins of playing.

A very addicting colony management ‘simulator’, that isn’t heavy on management part and is visually appealing, which makes it very bearable and understandable, so anyone can enjoy it without needing to operate like they’re flying a NASA rocketship.
The goal and premise are simple. Your pawn/s (colonists) find themselves stranded and poor, must survive and build from scratch, and eventually construct a spaceship to leave the planet. This task definitelly isn’t short nor easy. The planet’s enviroment is very brutal and unforgiving. The threats can go from predators, diseases and ruthless savages, over to psyhic waves that drive people insane, extreme weather conditions and ancient mechanoid soldiers.
The way you control your pawns is by giving them pointers, planning their next steps and tasking them with jobs, and then watching over them and their growth as a community. Make preparations for possible situations, take care of wounded and/or stressed, respond to dangers accordingly, and strategically order them around when in combat. You can do lot of orders manually, but you also get many tools to automate your pawns on some things by making rules and restrictions they will follow, while you focus on other things.
With all the effort you put into your colony, you’ll find yourself being somewhat bonded to your pawns. Their adventures and struggles become your stories to tell. And losing one can be hard hitting. But that’s where you realize how it really feels like playing Rimworld. The risk and reward is great, and huge pools of randomly generated features give incredible variety on how your game might play out.
Also, game has a workshop, which is huge bonus towards replayability and everything else I just said in the review.

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