Thrumbo Husbandry

MOD Desc
Update 1.1
Thrumbos now also work as pack animals for caravans. Given that carry capacity seems to be based on the bodysize value, they can carry the same amount of weight as elephants. I didn’t change their bodysize because I don’t know what other effects it would have, so they carry more than I originally wanted to but it seemed the safer option. Only change with this update is adding to thrumbos.

I used the horse packs as a base model for the pack model and used paintdotnet( ) to manipulate and resize it to fit on the Thrumbos. It’s not as good as a custom model but it works.

NOTE: This means that if you’re uninstalling the mod, you should unload all your Thrumbos before uninstalling it or it may cause the save to crash or the items loaded to disappear.
Update does not need a new save to take effect.

It might also cause a warning about mod load orders when you load a game, because I fixed a typo in the mod id thrombo->thrumbo. It can be safely ignored.
Inspired by Thrumbo Extension by leafzxg

Thrumbos can be sheared once a year (60 days) to gain 190 thrumbofur, which is enough for a full set of thrumbofur duster, cowboy hat, button-down shirt and pants.

Thrumbos can also be milked once a season (15 days) to gain 90 milk, which is the same milk/day(6) ratio as every other milkable animal, except cows, which is 18/day.

It makes taming thrumbos a tad stronger, but given the rarity of even having the opportunity to tame them, and then succeeding, I did it mostly because I always end up killing thrumbos rather than tame them, because of the effort to both tame and train them vs the payoff of essentially having 2-3 elephants/bears in 1 animal was never worth it to me. This way they are a more useful but way rarer elephant/bear. I felt this helps make them truly treasured as a big contributer to the colony, suiting their legendary lore status, rather than just being another cool combat animal.

I don’t know if there are any incompatabilities, but all this does is patch Races_Animal_Giant.xml to make thrumbos shearable and milkable, so I think it should be compatible with everything that doesn’t also make changes to that file. If they do then probably load this after them.

Rimworld is fantastic, I had it in my library for over a year and I ignored it because when I saw it played, it looked incredibly complicated.. However, I can honestly say that it’s not. Rimworld is complex, but it’s not overly complicated. After a little time playing I found myself very comfortable with how the game works. Tynan has done a fantastic job of creating a very in depth game that is also quite intuitive. A little time, patience and careful reading of information available to you in game and it’s easy to get comfortable with it.

The game crafts the best stories. It creates very flavorful situations that for the most part could only happen in Rimworld, i’m being abstract of course. But imagine surviving a raid from an armoured mortar team with better equipment than you, only to wipe to to a pack of ravenous Capybaras. Imagine a colonist going berserk, thusly killing a pet boomalope and getting incapacitated by an explosion which then proceeds to spread a raging fire all through the base. Everyone that plays Rimworld has stories, it’s one of the more charming things about it.

If, like me you’ve been apprehensive about trying it because it looks complicated, don’t be. It’s well worth the purchase and once as you start to enjoy RImworld, it’s tough to put it down. The modding community is equally phenomenal, there’s more than enough to keep you coming back again and again to this flavourful colony sim.

This game is a true example of how an Early Access game should develop. The game has way more depth than how it looks like. You love colony building games? You want to build a small colony AND you want to witness every dramas that you colonists could go through? You love playing RTS games where you could defend your base from enemies? You want a game where you just build and craft so that you can sell your stuff to traders? You love playing survival games? Perhaps you are into exploring? This game has all these things and even more. With modding, the experience gets quite vast. The game has an end goal, but you can choose to ignore it and keep playing as you like. Colonists also have a huge variety of emotions. There are plenty of ways that you can choose to progress your colony. There are plenty of challenges. This game will keep you busy for so many hours if you know what you are doing. It could seem confusing to you when you first play the game. But it gets easier once you start learning the basics. This game is very complicated, but that is in a very good way. This game is definitely worth the price tag and it’s very addicting.

Also, do not play with mods when you first start the game. The base game has so much to offer. Play the game for a while, discover what it offers, then mess around with some mods.

This game is a gem and is the only full priced game that I don’t regret buying and it is so much worth it.

ing incredible game.
Its like if Dwarf Fortress were fun and approachable.

The gameplay is so god damn immersive, I spent two hours just on the character creation screen, making sure my main colonist Richard was exactly as narcissistic as me, through a seemingly endless menu of flaws and traits.
I have not eaten, slept, or seen my wife in 3 weeks because of Rimworld.
I played 10 hours on my first day. The only reason I stopped was ’cause my mouse died.

On my first play-through Richard’s wife was sent on a caravan for supplies, only to be ambushed by a group of wild cats. She and her companion turtle were needlessly slaughtered by the felines. This depressed the hell out of Richard, he wouldn’t do a god damn thing until later when my colony was invaded by a heavyset medicine woman, who was promptly imprisoned and converted to our cause. My guy and the fat chick fell in love, something I found unacceptable.
Then a bison and the most off rabbit I have ever seen slaughtered my small colony, luckily the game has a fail-safe for just such an event. A man in black rescued 3 of my colonists, and promptly joined our ranks. The fat chick died from her rabbit bites, and Richard slept with her dead deceased corpse one last time before she was buried in a sandstone sarcophagus that he made.

11/9 couldn’t recommend this game more. It does everything. It has everything. They thought of EVERYTHING

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