[FSF] Pose For Me

MOD Desc
This is a bit of a hacky xml mod I made to aid in the creation of screenshots, comics, videos, machinima or other such things.

With the Pose For Me Spot you can set up pawns in various poses standing facing a direction with or without an item or performing an action like cleaning, eating, repairing ect. This is done via an invisible production bench using bills which can be placed on everything (furniture, walls, plants ect). Each bill is a type of action with a very long work amount to keep pawns holding still. Craftable at the spot are also some consumable items which can induce an effect on pawns for 24 hours so they appear berserk or drunk. With the invisible Pose For Me Resting Spot you can have pawns lay down anywhere even on places like tables.

This mod also removes the annoying little progress bar that appears when people do anything. So it will no longer get in the way or obscure things in your shots.

As an example with this mod you could set up a bunch of colonists looking busy facing North, East, South, West doing various actions or sitting with specific items. You could even make a scene where one colonist is facing east and another facing west using tailoring so it looks/sounds like he’s stitching up his friends wounds. You could use the resting spot to have a pawn look like he’s sleeping on the table.

List of Poses
The pose direction North, East, South, West, depends on the direction the Pose For Me Spot is facing. There’s an item and non item version of each pose.

I’ll try to add more poses over time but if you have a request let me know. As far as I can tell if there’s an effect/sound in the game for it I should be able to add it as a pose (eg. Eating, Drinking, Repairing ect).

Standing, Eat Vegetarian, Eat Meat, Eat Meal Vegetarian, Eat Meal Meat
Berserk, Drunk, Vomit, Play Poker, Drink, Smoke Cloud (Smoke Leaf Effect)
Brew, Butcher Flesh, Butcher Mechanoid, Clean, Clear Snow, Cook, Cremate, Cut Stone, Harvest Tree, Machining, Mine, Repair, Research, Sculpt, Smelt, Smith, Surgery, Tailor

List of Consumables
These are consumable items that are crafted at the Pose For Me Spot in stacks of 100. When ingested it will apply an effect to the pawn for 24 hours. These effects stack with each other so a pawn can look both berserk and drunk.

Berserk, Drunk, Downed
Cinematic Walk, Cinematic Run

Using The Mod
To use a pose place a Pose For Me Spot which can be found under Misc. Next add a bill of your choice and set up any item requirements. Ideally you should limit the bill to a specific person to prevent others from trying to interfere and take their spot.

The bills themselves use the Basic work type. If you limit the bills to specific people you can let your people walk to them naturally. Although ideally you should force them to perform the bill preferably with the mod Achtung! so they don’t attempt to run off.

To have someone rest place a Pose For Me Resting Spot which can be found under Misc. You can let pawns use it as a normal bed or a medical bed. If you swap it to medical you can give a pawn an operation then force them to rest until healed to stay in the bed.

Recommended Mods
For recommended mods check out the attached Rimworld Media Maker collection.

This is my go to game for when I just want to sit back and relax for an hour or two. It’s wonderful to be able to just set up a list of things you want your colony to accomplish then sit back and just let it run for a while.

This really is a story driven game, but it’s not a novel. Your decisions do still matter. Set up your colony the way you want it, decide how much you want to micromange in emergencies, figure out how to defend your three surviving colonists when your only hunter is torn apart by a sudden swarm of man eating wargs…. There’s just so much replayability in this game that you don’t even feel bad when a colony is destroyed. You can just rebuild it after waiting for new colonists to show up, or you can leave and start a new colony elsewhere. Every colony is a completely new experience, and if that isn’t enough for you, there’s mods! So many mods!

This game is a rare gem, proof that early access can work. That there are truly creative people out there looking for a chance to develop something utterly fantastic and they just need some of the money up front to get started. After following this game for years, it finally made it to Steam and I couldn’t buy it fast enough. Now, more than 400 hours of play time later, to anyone still sitting on the fence or just finding this, I can only say this. Buy this game.

What can I say. I dont even like these types of games, but I saw a review that covered a bunch of stuff you can do in the game and I just had to buy it. So what do you do in the game? Pretty much anything you want and however you want. Want to be a slaver that turns disobedient slaves into couches that you sell to traders? Or maybe be the owner of a ‘hotel’ and take care of guests and entertain them? Or maybe a dog breeder that roams the world selling yorkies? Whatever you might think of, you can probably do it in this game. And the mod support just increases those options.

The soundtrack is relaxing and nice, the artstyle is great imo and the gameplay is easy to learn and gives you control of everything. Your colonists are also ‘alive’ and for an example respond to things happening around them in unique ways depending in their child, adult and current life (but also depending in traits such as psychopath etc). They can even marry and cheat and have unique relationships with each other. I have yet to find any negatives that stand out. If you think you would enjoy the game just the slightest, buy it. I did and will probably never regret it.


Update: finally after all this time I have managed to leave the planet with a commitment mode colony. God this game is hard. May be the Dark Souls of colony simulator games…

After 19 hours I can say this game is pretty awesome. There are 3 different scenarios to choose from: the standard of 3 people crashing on a planet and trying to survive, the rich explorer on his own looking for adventure, or 5 surviving tribe members trying to rebuild after a catastrophe. If none of those tickle your fancy they have added an editor and you can make up your own scenario (it is pretty epic what you can do).

Once you get everthing set up then you choose a map size and a location on a planet. Make sure to pay attention to the times you can grow crops, you don’t want to be stuck somewhere you can only grow crops for a limited amount of time, and also pay attention to the average temps as some people like certain temperatures. After you selcect your planet is when you get to pick your crew of people. I suggest trying to find people without any injuries (scars included), and make sure to be diversified in the peoples abilites. It’s funny some of the quirks these peopel have 🙂

Launch your game and immediately pause so you can scope it out, plan how you want to build and set your people to working. I recommend watching some videos before hand as there is a learning curve, but once you get the basics down it’s a ton of fun.

I can see me investing a lot more time into this one for sure. Good luck and have fun!!

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