Dubs Mint Minimap

MOD Desc
Adds a minimap, with some options, doesn’t hurt fps, ping tool for multiplayer.

Multiplayer ready

Click the minimap icon on the main tabs along the bottom, or set a keybind to open



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All players see the ping tool in multiplayer.
Limit the map to working only with active comms consoles or Rimatomics TACS. Or just on all the time
Shows fires.
Shows downed colonists.
Shows predators.
Attack alert pings.
Tracks projectiles, drop pods, and small arms fire.
Customise markers and colours.
Customise map colours, switch to terrain mode, draw greenery.
Set map resolution for performance.
Click the anchor to lock the position if the map is zoomed in.
Click the spyglass to highlight all things of the same type as your selection.

  • The problem isn’t the description, the thing is I installed it 6-12+ months ago, I don’t remember the description of mods I installed long ago. Most people are the same, they probably played with your mod a couple months ago enjoyed it, now they started another colony and it’s missing, so they’ll either try to fix it themselves or come here to look for an answer which will often mean making a comment saying it doesn’t work even though you explained it plenty of times before.You could fix this by just adding one line, not even a mod menu. One of those that goes into the Other category in mod options, with your mod name and ‘Click the button on the bottom right to activate the mod’ or whatever you prefer.That’d be very beneficial for your time and for people that don’t re-read 150+ mod descriptions every time they want to start a new colony.
  • Could you add a predatory animal toggle button? Predator animals are cougar, bear, cobra, Etc.A while back I lost a 10+ level miner on the other side of the map. I play on the biggest vanilla map sizes. I couldn’t get over there to help in time and the cougar had a nice colonist meal then the colony had a banquet. Since then I terminate all predatory animals with extreme prejudice. It helps with a couple of quality of life mods that denote predatory animals.Something to add to the to-do list for a future update.Excellent mod. Keep up the good work.
  • I currently have about 1115 instances (and counting) of this constantly flooding my console. I’m not sure what the minimap has to do with factions or why it’s trying to fetch a faction relationship with itself..Tried to get relation between faction FOX Unit and itself.Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)RimWorld.Faction:RelationWith(Faction, Boolean)RimWorld.Faction:GoodwillWith(Faction)FactionControl.Patch_Faction_get_Color:Prefix(Faction, Color&)RimWorld.Faction:get_Color_Patch1(Object)DubsMintMinimap.MainTabWindow_MiniMap:DrawAllPawns(Rect)DubsMintMinimap.MainTabWindow_MiniMap:Minimap(Rect)DubsMintMinimap.MainTabWindow_MiniMap:DoWindowContents(Rect)Verse.c__AnonStorey0:m__0(Int32)UnityEngine.GUI:CallWindowDelegate(WindowFunction, Int32, Int32, GUISkin, Int32, Single, Single, GUIStyle)
  • Dubs, a minor bug report, I got a NullReference exception [pastebin.com] after starting a new game and building a wall (I’m guessing building anything TBH). The mod was configured to require TACS, however I had removed Rimatomics before starting this new colony. Switching the configured mode to Require Console didn’t work, still got errors, however switching it to always on and then back seemed to do the trick, no more errors.Didn’t seem to impact gameplay or functionality at all, so no big deal, just thought you should know.
  • God damn I just went on a 30min install reinstall stupidity loop because I thought this mod wasn’t working. Searched the options menu, nothing, changed load order everything.Could you add an options menu / other option on the mod options just to tell players to click on the icon on the bottom right ? I know it’s my fault for forgetting it but there are so many mods and I forgot that this one specifically needs to be activated in game rather than in a menu. If there was a menu with a line just to tell me that on the options people wouldn’t get lost when they forgot this mod doesn’t follow the normal conventions from other mods.I can see the previous post is a guy with the exact same problem XDSo that’s another benefit less people coming over to complain it doesn’t work just so you can tell them to click a button in the bottom right rather than using the mod options as is normally done.
  • Is it just me or am I not able to make the minimap smaller while having the minimap being able to show everything on the map. After messing around with the mod I soon realized that you can’t reset it to default. The only way to see everything on the map is to enlarge the minimap window, which is obviously a bad idea since it blocks half of the entire screen. Update: Just found out that you have the option to lock the minimap to its current size and location, put together. I’d recommend you to give us the option to lock the minimap size and location seperately.

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