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Version 2.5.0

Older versions Rimworld b19 version (0.19)[github.com]
Rimworld b18 version (0.18)[github.com]
Rimworld a17 version (0.17)[github.com]

Description This addon adds new locking door system.

  • Doors can be unlocked to allow enemies and prisoners to pass by (only races that have inteligence ‘humanlike’ or above).
    Note: In order to unlock/lock door, colonist must ‘flick’ the door. Unflicked door will work as unchanged for enemies and prisoners.
  • Doors can exclude visitors (wanna lock some traders?).
  • Pet doors for small animals can now be added to doors.
  • Doors can be assigned to colonists (you can simply restrict rooms to specific colonists without allowed area manager).
  • New Flicking job: Locking/unlocking doors, it has higher priority than normal flicking job. (‘Flicking’ doors is needed).

How to use Select door and left click ‘Lock’ command if you want to unlock/lock door.
Right click for more options.
Alternatively you can use ‘Lock’ inspector tab.

Performance This mod has almost zero impact on performance. It’s quick and light.

Why do I need this? I’ve created this mod to allow prisoners walk through doors while keeping temperature indoors with Prison Labor mod.
You can use this mod to create heat/cold killboxes, lock traders inside, keeping base safe from animals but avoiding destroying doors by pirates.
Also you can lock bedrooms for specific colonists. When that colonist will be in second camp-like base, nobody will sleep in his bed.
You can lock areas from dirty vistors, or lock them when horde of manhunter animals is waiting outside.


  • You can enable this mod to old saves.
  • You can disable this mod from saves, but you need to clear all locking/unlocking job first (all semi-transparent locks shouldn’t be visible).
  • There can be compatibility issues with mods that add custom doors with custom security mechanics.
  • For DoorsExpanded use this mod.
  • Lockable Doors mod compatibility – as long as you DO NOT assign any pawns through lockable door menu (‘set unlockable’), doors will apply to this mod mechanics.
  • Clutter Structure mod compatibility – this mod leaves management to Clutter Structures, expect you can now ‘unlock’ doors with Locks.

Links Github project[github.com]
Report bug[aviuz.wufoo.com]

Discord server[discord.gg]

  • mod, and honestly this general feature in some form at least is something that should have made vanilla IMO. I agree with Zombra on the option to flat out ‘Allow/Disallow Animals’ at least. Even better, have a blanket option to allow humanoids/mechanoids/animals separately that can ignore individual pawn ownership of locked doors. Currently any walled off area that is specified to any number of select pawns (door ‘owned’ by those pawn[s]) seems to automatically turn off the ability for all animals to use the door, unless they are small enough to use the ‘pet door’ option and it is appropriately clicked. But if I really just want to keep my chemical fascination pawn out of the main stockpile, I can’t do so without keeping all my large caravan animals from also being blocked from going there for easy dumping/loading of stuff.
  • Right now, the bathroom isn’t a separate room anymore so the whole lot is a prison cell. I don’t know why they wouldn’t go through the unlocked door into the bathroom to use the toilets but I don’t think it has much of anything to do with which rooms are prison cells or not.It seems like they simply don’t realise that the toilets and showers are there, like they can’t find a path to them because they’re in a separate room even though they can technically path to them through the unlocked door.Unlocking doors allows them to open them while wandering, it seems, but they won’t purposefully go through an unlocked door to use something. They don’t seem to leave their cells to do a job, they go to eat when they happen to wander out of their cell normally. I’m not sure if they’ll intentionally go back into their cell to sleep, though maybe they do since the bed is owned by them so they can see it.
  • Hey, so I had an issue where my mountable animals (Giddy-Up) were being ridden outside of my colony walls but then their rider would leave them. Which is kinda dumb but whatever. Anyway, then the animals couldn’t come back in. A warg and a tiger. So I’ve let them roam inside for a while, not letting them outside the walls cause then they’ll get stuck so it’s easier. But as an experiment i hit ‘clear owners’ on my front door and then the animals could walk in and outside of it as they please. Is there something I’m missing? Pet door is checked but I think it doesn’t allow bigger animals, only smaller ones with pet door checked. The main reason i use the front door lock is cause i hate it when traders come into the colony and muddy everything up. TL;DR: Is there a way I can lock out traders but still let large carnivorous animals come and go freely?
  • So I’m trying to use this mod to have a prison complex that allows my prisoners to have separate cells with shared facilities but I’m having minor difficulties…In order for them to use the unlocked doors, each room seems to need to be classed as a prison cell, so it needs a prisoner bed. Fair enough, I’ll use a sleeping spot, but then I’ll get prisoners sleeping in it.That’s okay, I’ll just make it a medical spot. But now when they get sick or get brought in wounded, I’ll have them laying on the floor which is no good.So I made some of the cells into hospital cells, but now what if I have more than 2 wounded prisoners at once? There must be another way.I either need a way to forbid the use of a sleeping spot, another way to set a room as a prison, or an impassable object that doesn’t separate rooms so I can block off the sleeping spots (not ideal for the bathroom).Here’s what I have: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1402639706

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