No Barrack Penalty

MOD Desc
Changes barrack thoughts to be similar to bedroom thoughts. there are still penalties for poor barracks.
i might make a nerfed version if requested, which only makes barracks more doable rather than on par with bedrooms.
meant to add onto ‘no disturbed sleep’ a mod originally made by 5katz (which this mod is based off of one of his mods).

Ok, I have a love and hate relationship with this game.

My crew crashlanded in a swampy forest beside a nice river by one of the main roads on the
hostile planet.

Even before they had time to figure out exactly where they landed, one out of the three crewmen (which I nicknamed ‘Crewman 2’) started chopping down all of the vegetation nearby.

‘Crewman 1’ started to move all the wood to the designated construction site where they built their seperate rooms and the dining hall whilst ‘Crewman 3’ was ing cloud watching.

After a day i realised that the local wildlife was stealing my food that I left outside. So I figured it was time to start working on the storage area. Unfortunalty it quickly got full with the hundreds of diffrent animal hides in the game that not a single crewmember knew what to do with. So these hides were just sitting there ’till we could kidnap someone that does know how to tailor.

A week later, all of the crewmembers were attacked. A bear infiltrated the base and knocked everyone down and murdered their loyal dog. Then, out of nowhere a guy dressed in black walked into the aftermath and treated and fed all of my crewmen. He saved two out of the three, ‘Crewman 1’ and ‘Crewman 3’. The outsider joined the colony, replacing ‘Crewman 2’.

Another week later. ‘Crewman 3’ found a tamed chemfuel-lactating-rat when hunting.
Shortly after, the colony made a breaktrough. They figured out how to exploit the local river for electricity. They built two watermills and a shed filled with batteries to store the electricity.

After that everything went to for the whole colony. During one of the warm summer days one of the batteries overheated and exploded causing a fire that burnt up the whole shed then quickly spreading towards the bedrooms and dininghall. I sent the outsider and the last two remaining crewmen to extinguish the fires. But it was too late, it grew too quickly. The rat that was sleeping in the dining area gets knocked unconscious by the smoke and explodes, causing an even larger fire. The storage room where we stored all of the rats fuel gets caught on fire and causes an other ing fire.
Yeah, they all died in the fire.

10/10 – would recommend

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