What’s Missing? – Highlighted recipe descriptions

MOD Desc
Highlighted requirements and tooltips for recipe descriptions.

When a recipe has many ingredients, it’s quite annoing to lookup what’s missing. This mod tells you everything you need to know the first glance. Or at least it tells you a lot.

Q: Save game compatibility?
A: It’s simply a UI mod. It does not affect save games.

Q: Loading order?
A: Somewhere after harmony.

Q: Source code?
A: Contained in the uploaded workshop content.

Q: There’s a typo in the preview image!
A: It’s fixed, but I’m too lazy to make a new image. 🙂


  • 2020.4.25.1: Show required skills again
  • 2020.4.25.0: Initial upload

You like my mods (and you are somewhere in the EU)? Then please consider donating to the Tierpark Neukölln[tierpark-neukoelln.berlin] (Petting Zoo Neukölln, Berlin):
IBAN: DE 78 100 205 00000 316 5900
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Remove that stupid PC Gamer review off your steam page, Sam Greers reviews are about as insightful and a newborn, always goes on about modern gender issues in video games and is upset that a thing like misogyny and gay is in the game, she fails to see that the game is the one creating the story but you are the one who needs to use your head, she seems to think that the pawns should talk and interact more ect, but thats where you use your imagination in this game, She obviously doesnt understand that this game is not the sims and most people play this game as a survival like game usually on harder difficultys after they have played for a while. the whole point of rimworld is that it creates a series of events that could be tiny and have a big impact on you and your colony if you use your imagination. Sam Greer does not have a imagination expecially for a writer/reveiwer. shes shallow and always wants to push gender issues and white privilige in game reviews. if you read the Pc Gamer review dont listen to Sam Greer shes dumb as .

500th Hour Review (1 year after purchase)
One of the best colony survival game. Rimworld still gets updates and we are expecting future DLCs to extend gameplay. There are tons of awesome mods to try on Steam workshop. Mods are also getting constantly updated. Lots of difficulty and storyteller settings to adjust the pace of your game and reduce the learning curve.

Highlights of Rimworld:

Detailed colony building. Bedrooms, walk-in freezers to keep food, recration areas, dining hall, prisons etc.
Psychology. Keeping colonists content is important. Bad actions can make colonists sad and can lead to disaster.
Mod to enchance gameplay. If you think the game is hard you can download cool mods to soften it. Or add more challenge.
War crimes. You can play it legit or go crazy on selling organs, weed, guns, slaves…
As a result, It’s like The Sims with war crimes. Totally worths it at full price.

8th Hour Review
DON’T Wait For Sale. Why buy tomorrow what you can buy today!

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