MOD Desc
This mod changes the art work of body shape in game.

  • Sure, nice mod, but starting a witch hunt and making this a race thing is actually pretty damn pathetic. Not only that, your screenshots of your ‘arguements’ really hurt you more than him, seeing as how you’re just gonna throw a tantrum in them and then complain more in the description of the mod itself. Get real and get over yourself, you already made him delete the mod, so you might as well scratch his name out of it to stop this witch hunt.
  • ——————————————————————————————————-I WILL be re-uploading my mod and MY TEXTURES . be sure on thatI have further edited it to avoid ANY misinterpretation of the seperation of the mods.IF YOU STILL DISAGREE TAKE ME TO COURT. BECOUSE I WILL WIN. oh and btw… Ime English. not a american.ALSO. Weres all those threatning insults that my family should die and i should die gone from your upload huh?———————————————————————————————————
  • yeha i aint a charming guy, and i spell like shit. but i dont take peoples mods… but this nadwaggons being going on for years now. go look at stellaris mods… halo the great journey. — thats my work. – -all of you who played skyrim? remember a mod claled Whiterun overhaul? role playing camps? relastic crafting? realistic weights? hardcore roleplay? whiterun exstended part 1, and 2. Skyrim role playing camps, skyrim roads to.. — the list goes on and on.. all on witch i have made. and yet all. excluding a few have claimed my wwork for their own. yet nobody talks about that. becouse ime the bad guy right.
  • i know the contents mine mate, what would you do if people believed you stole work and you know you dident? — how would you defend youself. — ime on the point of ither quitting modding for the community all together. or rejoin anonimious and rebuy all my old equipment… i agreed to terms set by the uk gouverment set to the dismanteling of anonimious in 2007… however ime really struggling to cope with the online community with no way to fight back…– i lituraly have my work being taken from me , and disputed every time i upload any content.
  • my enclave mods were my own work. i was showing him my work and uplaoded it, i exsplained to him the mod woudlent function without his mod as a master file, he agreed and had no issue with it. i then accedently uploaded his xo2 with my mod when first publishing, without realising i hadent removed the dependancy. the bandwaggon then started.i dident have a chance to correct the mistkae, i dident get a second word in the ball ahd started rolling. i knew dogtooth for 3 years. and he stabed me in the back over the whole thing. – not to mention nexus STILL HAS MY MODS UP! yet ime baned. ive asked them to take them down but they wont reply to me.they are holding some my work on their site without my concent. and i do not know how to legaly retain it. ——————————————————————————————————-
  • As a victim of similar theft of similar minisculity (if that’s a word) it stings. It leaves an impression that the other person does not respect other people, even who do the same thing as him. It’s such a shame. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth and no matter how apologetic the person gets you just can’t get over it. It’s betrayal for the art you both love and to the people who consume your work. Bad move on his part. Best of luck to your mod dude.

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