MOD Desc
For 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0
Added patch for Jecstool in both version for CompOverSize

Adds The Freeguild of Warhammer
This mod require Alien Framework.
Load Humanoid Alien Races before this mod.
Patch for jecstool and vanilla weapons expanded included for 1.0

Even the vigiliant watch of The Empire is not always enough to protect the common folk. For no single man can shield them all, only the united front of the free people can fight of the horrors which lurks in the dark.
The Freeguild comes to rally mankind against their foes.
The united militia of the free people, equipped with standard issued gear and reliable weapons. Pikes, crossbows, handguns and the fierce knights wielding their greatswords for the common man.
But in desperate times some take the opportunity to rob from their fellow man. Roaming bandits of desperate, dishonoured and opportunist stalks the lands.

Faction: The Freeguild, united militia of the common folk
Weapons: pike, crossbow, handgun, blunderbuss, greatsword
Apparel: uniform, chest, gambison, plate, full plate, hats and helmets
Security: Volley gun

Feel free to leave a message about tweaks or any general input.

Expand your Rimhammer with some extra humans
Rimhammer 1.1:

Race mods from me:
Beastmen: Gors
Chaos daemons: daemonettes
Ancient: Dryads

Faction mods:

I you wanna toss me some coffee:

Where to start.
I got this game in Early Access before it was even on steam, it looked pretty nice and I thought it would be fun. I had a blast, quickly shoving a few mods in just to change a few things and had even more fun. I probably have ~100+ more hours in this game than steam shows, and I love it. The gameplay is something kind of like Prison Architect in a way, but with a real noticeable difference. Rimworld has a nice, well made, and in depth medical/health system. If one of your pawns is shot in combat, it’s not just a ‘their shot now’ they got shot somewhere. Let’s say someone got shot in the arm, now are they winged or did it go right into their arm? Now they’re bleeding, also they’re in pain. Pain will lower their ability to focus while also the fact the pain in their arm makes it harder for them to hold their gun steady, they can still use their eyes but their ability to aim/keep on target it harmed. This brings a lot to the table and makes medical personell one of the most important things to have in your colony, aside from someone good with a gun.

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