Utility Supplements (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of peladors mod


Non-steam version:

– Since I did not have the source-code there might be some issues, report if anything seems off.

— Original Description —
Optional Expansion: Adds various utility items. (Note Medical Supplements mod is required).


This mod will be used to add various additional items of varying nature that can be of practical benefit but not considered as medical or social supplements.

Mod details

The following PDF describes what this mod offers:

Utility Supplements Notes


Application of the foam or use of these toxins is handled using multiple delivery methods.

‘Sprayer’: allows the toxins to be directly applied as foam to small areas with control. (Manual process when drafted). The sprayers also have a limited number of uses (indicators provided).

‘Mortar Shells’: The foams and gases can be delivered with shells using mortars.

‘IDEs’: The shells can be used for IED traps. (Note only Insect Killer, Mind Killer, Tangle and Tear Gas IDEs are provided as default, the other types require additional mod support.)

‘Foam Poppers’: Foam poppers can be setup for Blight and Insect foam , trigger is the presence of a hive in the case of insect foam poppers.

‘Grenades’: Insect Killer, Mind Killer, Tangle Killer and Tear Gas can be weaponised.

Applied foam to a surface will linger for a while and remain active but it will eventually disperse.

Mod Options

Vary base research costs by a percentage level.

The mod includes settings to tweak which plant gases are used and whether a maximum radius at full maturity. Provided in case anyone experiences any graphical performance issues with their hardware. There’s also a toggle for Tangleroot creep.

The relative toxicity setting allows you to tweak how effective the various toxins and other active chemicals perform in relation to default values (percentage).

Mod Compatibility
*** Subject to Conversion ***

Apothecary – Allows the ability to make ammonia liquid fertiliser and plant sprayer applicator.
Remote Tech – Some of the IDEs become available for use when this mod is loaded.
RimPlas – Sprayers will use RimPlas instead of Steel in their ingredients.
Seeds Please – Adds patch support to generate seeds for plants used in this mod.

Muliplayer support (beta).

(Includes custom harmony C# override process to apply only this mods filth to any fertile terrain).

Mod Notes

Multiple research projects in own tab with bulk recipes as relevant.

Save compatible and mod friendly.

To remove the mod you would have to remove all items introduced first and would expect some initial harmless error messages on removal that will subside with further saves.


Oleg Marko: Graphics Revision
Uuugggg: For educating me about Harmony transpilers.
UnlimitedHugs: Use of gas mask (modified) from Remote Tech.
Dubwise, Falconne: Reversed engineered and adapted Gizmo Code.
viirinsoftworks: Inspiration for Tangleroot.
Maxwell.J: Chinese (simplified) translation.
Erdnussbrot – German translation.

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

This is probably my favourite game on steam at the moment and currently I have played 686 hours and will continue to sink more into this game. The base game is great but what I really love in Rimworld is the mods and modding community.
Rimworld is a survival game with building mechanics where you have crashed on a planet and have to build a colony to survive and get back off planet to complete the game. Originally when I bought this game I bought it on a whim because it looked like Prison architect and the building mechanics looked very similar to that game also.

This game is far more than that though, you have to contend with raiders, mechanoid robot attacks, diseases, food supply, weapon crafting, building defenses and much more. It’s a completely different game even though it looks similar.
With mods you even add hygiene problems, cloning, cybernetics and other crazy and whacky stuff that makes the game far more than it was ever intended to be. There is even mods like TiberiumRIm and H.P. Lovecraft mods that overhaul and adds mechanics from other IPs.
I was completely blown away with the creativity and extra content on the workshop for this game and I’m sure you will too if you have a look for yourself. I have currently 250+ mods on this game, in fairness some of them are mini mods or tweaks and fixes but a lot of them are major mods that add a lot to the base game and give it massive variety of flavour and enjoyment.

The main problem with RImworld at the moment is that it can run slowly at times with a lot of mods installed. I have been told it doesn’t use multi-threading, which usually isn’t a problem with simple games but with mods it can become a nightmare especially when I am using 250+ mods changing or adding things and when there is a lot of colonists running around. I’m pretty sure the engine isn’t really designed for the amount of extra content that is out there now in the current game. For the most part the modding community is very skilled and writes great code but I think they are all limited by the ever aging engine Rimworld was built on. The way things are going they will probably need a Rimworld 2 re-written for more modern hardware. I’ll definitely have my wallet on standby for that 😉

My best advice for anyone interested in buying this game is look on Youtube at videos of the game and videos showcasing the various amazing mods people have created for this game. I could go on and on four hours about how great this game is but best you go and look and see for yourself. A picture can speak a million words and a video would probably say even more lol. The game is worth every penny and even though I’m not super keen on the new Royalty DLC I’d say it adds enough to the game to justify the price. 686 hours for the price I payed is a lot of value lol. I hope you try it and like it, just as I have. 🙂

In lieu of writing a detailed review where I pick apart what makes this game a work of pure genius, I’ll get right to the key points that I feel make playing this game such a special experience.

Rimworld is a game of imagination. Everthing in this game lends to painting a picture in your mind’s eye of what your colony is experiencing. The graphics are minimalistic, with characters/animals/mechanoids represented with simple, vector ‘pawns’ that move on a 2d grid. Most of the depth Rimworld provides is through text in menus and alerts. The true brilliance in this representational model is that you are free to visualize with your IMAGINATION what each scene of desperate survival looks like. Its almost like reading a book, and more akin to P&P D&D, or those old text based adventure games like Zork.

In an age of hyper-realistic. AAA video games that leave nothing to the imagination. Rimworld seeks to cultivate the long lost art of creative thinking. It does so in a way that is both compelling, and (in many cases) emotional. You become attached to your pawns, colonist and animal, as well as the wellbeing of the colony itself. You are sad (or at the VERY least perturbed) when a Scyther takes your favorite colonist’s head off in one shot, or your dog gets eaten by a wandering couger. The stories of Rimworld write themselves, and come to life in your mind.

Simple aesthetic lends to imaginative interpretation of gameplay.
Highly in depth-gameplay with micromanagement that is (largely) optional until you need it.
Music is great and reminds me of Firefly (even though there are only a few tracks, I don’t get tired of hearing them).
Updates about the time you finish a few runs with lots of new content and bug fixes (thank you Tynan).
TONS of replayability, custom modes, settings, mods, etc.
Mod support through the workshop that adds to and fixes base content.
Variation in difficulty with the storytellers, permadeath mode, and tradition difficulty as well as custom scenarios.

Bigger maps aren’t (yet?) optimized well, and can lead to lag on higher playspeeds and long load times.
Some bugs and oddities affect gameplay adversely.
Medical operation success rates and (inevitable) failures.
Your game does eventually end, and you are always sad to see the pawns lauch off, and the colony abandoned…

I just realized that this is possibly my most detailed review yet, RIP my opening statement.

I know this review largely focuses on the ‘deeper’ aspects of what makes this game great. The reason for that is you can always watch a ‘let’s play’ or a streamer or something to see what the game actually plays like. This review is simply my impressions after dozens (hundreds?) of hours crafting stories of adventure and survival in the Rimworld.


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