Additional Joy Objects – Misc

MOD Desc
Mod originally by Cupro, updated to B19 1.0 1.1 1.2 by dninemfive with permission.

This mod adds in miscellaneous small features from the original mod – darts, RimColony, chandeliers, pleasure cruisers, and Perodyne.

Non-Steam download available here.[]

Save Compatibility This mod can be added to existing saves.
Always back up your saves before adding new mods, just in case.

Mod Compatibility D9 Framework is required.

Fluffy’s Mod Manager: includes manifest with load order information.
SeedsPlease: Spectago seeds added.

Translation Notes The following people translated this mod for 1.1:
– Erdnussbrot: German

The following people produced translations for the B19 and 1.0 versions of Additional Joy Objects. Unfortunately, enough changed that it needs to be retranslated:
– leafzxg: Chinese translation (simplified and traditional)
– CANALETA: Spanish translation (Latin American and Castilian)
– namidasechi: Japanese translation.

Credits cuproPanda: original author
dracoix: bugfixing help
ζ Noxilie ζ: fixed SeedsPlease compatibility
Unfinished painting based on Women Under Trellis by William Merrit Chase.

This game….I started playing back in the early alphas and I have been playing it for the year and a bit since. The amount of time and attention Ludeon puts into this game is staggering, they have listened to our feedback at every step and the result is the glorious thing you see before you. Those that know me know I love modding so this game was pure heaven for me, so much so I have spent the last year of my life solidly modding this game and nothing else. The game is robust, the simulation of things like bodyparts, health and relationships is crazy, the gun fights are epic, the diseases, the insects, the farming I dont see my love for any of it waning anytime soon. If you do finally get bored of all that, theres a healthy modding scene with a enough content to make 4 or 5 more games. So yeah.

For the stories it creates to the giggles I get from the community, for the happy feeling i get everytime i hear Als guitar, great work Tynan, Ison, Al and others at Ludeon.


Now, Randy, No squirrels this time.

Rimworl has been on my wishlist for about 6 months and when I finally got it I was familiar with how to command AI since I played prison architect before which is very similar graphic and mechanic wise. I put 12 hours into this game keep in mind I had school as well as homework to do! This game is so addcitive and you want your colonists to thrive and you grow attached it is hard to see your favorite die haha. Overall this game is awesome I was able to..
-Save people and habve them join me
-Keep prisoners and do surgeries on them which was cool
-See my colonists fight
-Fixed broken limbs colonists have gotten due to fights
-Traveled in caravans across the rimworld(different seed for each world so the world generates randomly)
And so much more!
I recommend to this game to anybody who is ddepluy into games such as prison architect, sims, etc. and they should give this a try because it is a awesome game. I cannot wait to see what updates they have for us in the future to make the game EVEN BETTER than it alreayd is!

I actually streamed this for my first time playing.
>Didn’t read a single guide
>didn’t know anything
>society devolved into eating each other and kicking dogs till everyone died

Tried again
>Had twitch streamers tell me what I should do.
>did it
>everyone lived
>People fell in love
>People got married
>moved in togeather.
>Found out that the wife’s father crash landed on the planet, and with his dying breath told his daughter and new son in law that he approved.
>Wife hurting, husband supports her through her colonial life.
>Husband and wife only good doctors in colony too. Keep healing and supporting themselves and everyone.
>New doctor comes in, husband gets a break after finally burying his father in law in the family crypt that was made.
>All of a sudden, the robots attacked. Just one.
>Husband died.
>mfw his wife was named ‘sad’ since the beginning…

10/10 would go nuts, eat people, and marry a corpse again.

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