[LB] Vanilla Armors Retexture

MOD Desc

[LB] Vanilla Armors Retexture will replace the Vanilla armors(unmodded) textures into a new one! and will not change the base stats of the orignal Vanilla armors.

I created these textures for my mod series [LB] SectorVII and I decided to make it standalone so you guys can use these textures without any dependency with [LB] SectorVII.

Vanilla Armors
– Marine Armor
– Marine Helmet
– Recon Armor
– Recon Helmet
– Plate Armor
– Advance Helmet
– Vest

Royalty Expansion Armors (only works if you have Royalty DLC installed)
– Cataphract Armor
– Cataphract Helmet
– Prestige Cataphract Armor
– Prestige Cataphract Helmet
– Prestige Marine Armor
– Prestige Marine Helmet
– Prestige Recon Armor
– Prestige Recon Helmet

– Overhaul retexture of Armor Items
– Faction Color
– Royalty Expansion (soon)
(a lot of thanks to Tynan Sylvester! for giving me a key for the DLC! :D)

(the prestige armors however isnt yet compatible, once Combat Extended made an update with the prestige armors this mod will also be compatible)

It should be compatible with everything, just make sure to place [LB] Vanilla Armors Retexture below other mods that also replaces the Vanilla armor textures in the load order to make it work!

Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2093639020
Non-steam Download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1S4kT7pGKkbvQx8DfIyF6iHWDtWFKPBmy

License: (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) [creativecommons.org]

If you want to support me as a mod creator and see more of my works, Join my Patreon!
(I’ll be posting a ‘work in progress’ of my mods on my patreon page)

All of my mods is free to use and for everyone to enjoy! If you want show your appreciation buy me a coffee! 😀

After figuring out how to run the basics of this game (Which is quite alot to figure out) I finally made very successful bases without any problems. The bugs that were previously present are now very subtle (None game breaking bugs, almost unoticable unless you look in debug log). If you are looking for an adventure and a hardship BUY THIS GAME. I am absolutely addicted to this game. Considering theres mod support (Which is my favorite part of this ) you can have endless hours on this game because every game you make will be different. Though the difficulty settings could be chagned slightly because some of the harder difficulties dont really bring anything ‘Exciting’ if you will. What I wanna see is a huge raid and my colonists fighting to the death to defend it but that rarely happens sadly. But other than that this game is such a wonderful management/builder game.

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