Two Royal Families (hostile)

MOD Desc
This is a really basic mod that just duplicates the Shattered Empire faction and makes the second one hostile, so you can always go both loyalist and deserter at the same time without worrying about quest clutter.

The Non-Hostile version allows you to pursue both factions’ favor, if you want that. It won’t increase the number of quests given, but maybe you can have some internal politics for roleplay. Up to you. Do NOT use both at the same time – there shouldn’t be any major breakages but only one will work.

I made it for my own use since I didn’t see anything similar on the Workshop, and decided to upload it now after a bit of testing.
There might be any number of weird interactions, please notify me if the second faction does anything you think it shouldn’t down below.

If you wanna see both empires start slinging psionics around (like they ought to!) check out Powerful Psycast AI! Two Families includes a patch for incorporating psykers into the second Empire’s lineup too.

Have fun!

Everyone who plays Rimworld will tell you about this time where something amazingly crazy happened. And you can pick ten, a hundred of these people, and neither of their stories will be the same.

The cannibal ate his roommate, the pyromaniac set the settlement on fire. Guy gets marriage proposal declined and goes berserker on his own dog. The possibilities, while not really endless, will take you hundreds, if not a thousand hours to see everything that can happen actually happen.

Rimworld is not just an amazing game, it is an amazing story and experience, either you win, or (most likely) fail spectacularly. It is also a great example of early access done right, the game just improved over their period of early access up to the release.

Why the hell are you still reading this? Go buy it already, or if you already have, why are you reading reviews? Go play!

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