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1.0.0 (19/05/2020): Release

This module is a part of Vanilla Furniture Expanded which can be downloaded below.

Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Props and Decor is a major mod release that has been in production for almost 8 months. The main aim is to provide much needed customizability to your bases and cities, a way to add some detail to your rooms and buildings, and to generally allow you to place more of “you” inside the game.

This mod adds almost 350 hand drawn, vanilla-like props, spread across several categories, from place-able filth to space ships. All these props have no functionality in the game – a sink prop doesn’t use Dubs Bad Hygiene, a shelf prop isn’t an actual shelf, and it doesn’t need Deep Storage to work. All these props are simply decorations, and to reward players for placing them, they each provide 1 Beauty – which means they slightly level the beauty rating of the room they are in.

Why didn’t we add functionality to these props? Because of the sheer amount of them – I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t add function to ALL of them. I wouldn’t be satisfied with just 30 props with functions while the rest would just be props. I have then decided all of those should be simply props, as the name of the mod suggests.

Well don’t wait any longer, download this mod, use the new props to decorate your base and make sure to tell your friends about it too! Everyone wants to place a puddle of vomit in their hospitals!

If any pieces of furniture disappear upon being built, move the mod further up the mod queue.

When trying to place filth, a harmless error will pop up. Don’t be afraid of it, it only pops up once. It’s because the game doesn’t normally let you click filth, but filth props are fully clickable.

Post any bugs you encounter in the comment section below.


Oskar Potocki, an artist and a designer, responsible for all the artwork and visual imagery.

Screenshots provided by the community. Some of them contain objects from other mods, which is the property of their respective authors. These objects are NOT a part of this mod.

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)[]


Q: Is this mod CE compatible?
A: Haha! OF course, I love CE. It’s compatible. /s
No but seriously, it should be.

Q: What do I do if a structure disappears upon being built?
A: Move the mod further up or down the mod load order, until the issue is fixed.

Q: Is X prop flammable? Does it provide cover? Can it be walked through?
A: Generally by the rule of thumb, if something should be flammable/provide cover/block movement, it does.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Rimatomics, Rimfeller, Dubs Bad Hygiene, Deep Storage or Vehicle framework or anything else?
A: It’s compatible, but it doesn’t use these mods to add functionality. These props don’t do anything, they only look cool.

Q: How do I unlock the props?
A: They are placed in the new research tab called Props and Decor.

Q: Can I add it to an ongoing save?
A: Yes you can.

Q: What can I expect to see on the development blog on your patreon?
A: Patrons have been able to see the progress on this and many other mods for quite some time now, advising me every step of the way. I try to post several times a week, which is a perfect opportunity to get to know the development process.

Q: Can I suggest a feature?
A: Absolutely, leave a comment down below! We are open to all sort of props suggestions. I can’t promise we will add them, but whenever I have a spare minute I can draw things.

Q: Will you keep updating the mod with new props?
A: Anything that doesn’t end up as part of the mod will end up as a prop, so yes.

Q: Do I need the base module for it to work?
A: No, our goal has always been zero dependencies. You don’t need anything for this mod to work.

Q: Does it work with other decoration mods?
A: Of course it does!

Q: Does it fill the whole Architect tab?
A: No, we made sure it’s all nicely tucked in drop menus 🙂

  • So I guess adding alpha masks to the decals would be a lot of work, as well? I’ve just had a look at an older tutorial ( ), and from there (assuming this is still valid) it seems like it would be enough to basically make a copy of the decal textures, change white to red and transparent to black, and add/change a few lines in the xml files, which could probably be automated (a bit of bash, imagemagick and sed, I guess), but I’m probably oversimplifying this a lot, or it would look awful without manual intervention…
  • Can I ask for an expansion of this module for the following? Im sure we’d all be very appreciative of an expansion! :DBedroom Props-ShoesShoe rackClothes PileClothes on RackBasket of ClothesSmall RadioGrooming Products (1×1)(hand brush, makeup, comb, etc)Book bagDuffleBagPurseSmall Analog/Digital clock(s)Pillow(s)Living Room-Fish Tank Fishbowl Hamster tankAnt /FarmTankPet/Cat GymTV RemoteShelf with ObjectsSlim Standing SpeakersWall Unit (sectional)WindowsCoat RackPhone/communicator (laying down)Wall outlet/receptacleKitchen Stuff (expanded)-Cafeteria counter with glassBoxes of CerealBowl(s)Cup(s)Whine glassesDish rackPan rack (modern version of what Gloomy Furniture has)Dinner plates (to match the sink and cart props)Plates with matCondiments (ketchup +mustard, salt+pepper shakers, etc)Napkin holderCooking PotKnife blockKettleFloor drain
  • I was just using this mod to decorate my base and realized a few things. First, I need to learn how to build bigger rooms to fit more decorations in them. And second, there are no magazine stacks and book stacks to put on the coffee tables or cups to put on kitchen counters. I also noticed that the beauty value for the kitchen surfaces is rather low, considering the kitchen counters from your other mod are 1×1 and have the same beauty rating as the 3×1 kitchen surfaces. I ended up just using the kitchen counters for my decorating needs because of that.I look forward to seeing more household decorations to put on top of tables. Thank you for your hard work.
  • Rec-room-Game ConsoleBlock ToysToy car-truckTrain set/propStack of tabletop gamesTable with monopoly CardsDiceDumbellRack of dumbbells Laptop (cosed)Laptop (open)HeadphonesBalloonAssorted balloons ConfettiDJ tableLarge speaker(s)Display cases (bugs, rocks, etc)Large display case (large fossil or taxidermy animal, glitterworld city scape)Animal head on plaque Broom and dustpan Vacuum cleaner Bathroom/Restroom-(for those who DON’T want to run Dub’s Bad Hygiene)Toilet UrinalBathtub (with and without curtains)Standing Shower (with and without curtains)Sink with mirror Hand dryer dryerLaundry hamper (not to be confused with basket of clothes)Cleaning products (soap, bleach, etc)Shampoo bottlesRoll(s) of toilet paper Paper towelsStack of towels Hanging towels Toilet plunger Medical Room-Assorted pillsbeaker(s)Medical CabinetHumanoid skeleton propMicroscopeFire extinguisherFire extinguisher (in wall case)Hazard waste bin
  • —[h1]Prison/Jail props[/h1]Floor drainHanging chainsNumbers on ‘wall’s (line counts)Gibberish writingGraffiti Crudely dug hole (floor, wall)Wall ScratchesPadded wallRat hole—[h1]Patio/Garden/Outdoor Stuff (expanded)[/h1]StonesStanding stonesBBQ grillTree stumpFishing pierPile of ropeLarge damaged ship partsLarge debris—[h1]Neolithic Stuff[/h1]Cave paintings (hunting animals, war, worship of sun/moon, landscapes, etc)Symbols Tribal StripesHieroglyphicsAnimal scratches (to place on walls or floor) Ground paw printsBone carcass(es)Effigies Crude Basket of arrowsPatchLeather tentStalagmitesPikes in groundHanging game (birds, rabbit, meat)Dug hole—[h1]Miscellaneous[/h1]StairsLedgeSigns (wall or pole) (Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Electrical, Fire, Slip-when-wet, Radiation, Death, etc)Wall consoleLatterRolling tool cabinet

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